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  Week of 4/27-5/1

Continue to do the daily assignments everyday on the home page of my eboard and post a flipgrid video on your show & tell day.



1. We finished all of our letters in the alphabet! This week we will review our letters and their sounds and I would like for you to continue practicing writing your letters and practice their sounds. Listen to Jack Hartman "The Alphabet Song" as a review of our letters. the dots of the uppercase letters to find the hidden pictures.  Color the picture when finished. uppercase connect dots.png. Can you tell what the picture is? 

2. We are going to work on recognizing the beginning letter sounds to pictures, so we can start to put our letters together to make words. beginning sounds.png 

3. Lets review our shapes: square, rectangle,circle,triangle,oval and star. Follow the directions and use the correct color crayon to color in the shape. Then on construction paper, make your own house out of all the shapes. Send me a picture.  shape house.png 

4. We will listen to the book Goldilocks and the Three Bears this week and complete a variety of activities.

After listening to the audiobook you will complete the worksheet on beginning sounds. 

 Cut out the squares with letters from some words in the book. Then match the beginning sound letters with the correct picture. You can attach them with a paper clip or glue. Glodilocks beginning sound.pdf 

You will also learn the difference between small,medium and large. Follow the directions and color the correct size.   small,med,large.png Can you find some toys that are small,medium and large? Send me a picture.

5. Lets continue to work on patterns. We are going to work on a pattern that is called an AB pattern. Cut along the dotted lines adn complete the pattern.  When you are done make up your own pattern, either on paper, using legos or blocks. Send me a flipgrid video or a picuture. Goldilocks AB patterns.png 

 6. Attached are Mrs. Calicchio's two music videos.,



1. We will continue to recognize the letters and sounds of the alphabet.Watch the ABC song and listen to the sound the letter make. Sing and dance along! Today we are going to recognize our lowercase letters. Connect the dots of the lowercase letter to find the missing picuture.  Color it in when done. Can you tell me what the picture is? lowercase connect the dots.png 

2. Lets have some fun with flour(or salt/sand)! This is an activity for practicing letters, numbers, your name, pictures etc...See flipgrid

   *you will need a cookie sheet/box(something deep enough not to make a mess)

   *flour, sand, salt or rice. You can add sprinkles to make it colorful.

   *Pour your mixture into the pan/box. Using your finger draw the letters of alphabet, numbers, your name or  make a picture. Simply mix it up to start over again.  When finished store it in a ziplock bag to use again.

   *this is a great way to practice writing in a fun way and by using their senses it'll help them remember what they are writing.

3.Goldilocks and the Three Bears sequencing.  After listening to the story, think about the order of events that happened. What happened 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc...These are ordinal numbers we learned. Complete the sequencing worksheet and put a number in each box to show the order of the story.  Color the pictures when finished. sequence-it-goldilocks-and-the-three-bears(2).pdf . Also complete the small,medium, large worksheet. Goldilocks and the threebears size sort.pdf 

4. We arwe going to continue with patterns.  We will learn  the name of a different type of patterns; AABB patterns. See flipgrid for explanation. Complete the AABB patterns and then make your own AABB patterns by drawing it or using legos or blocks. AABB patterns.png 





Don't forget our zoom meeting at 9:00am.

Wear your favorite pajamas and bring your favorite breakfast, 

either play food or real food.

I'll be reading a story😊

1. Today we will see if we can figure out the missing  letters of the alphabet, both upper case and lower case. fill in missing lowercase letter.pngfill in missing uppercase letter.png.

2. We are going to go on an alphabet scavenger hunt.  Maybe your brother or sister can go along with you.  The scavenger hunt can be either inside or outside.  If you want to do some of it outside and the weather isn't great on friday, spend some time outside on the weekend.  It's going to be beautiful.

For each letter of the alphabet, find one item.  It can be a toy, a piece of food or if you can't find anything draw a picture.  Take a picture of what you find. It can be all togther or in groups of when you find things. Alphabet+Scavenger+Hunt.pdf 

3. Let's wrap up "Goldolocks and the Three Bears". Think about these questions and have someone write down your answers.  You may want to listent to the story again.  Post on flipgrid.

   * Do you think Goldilocks should've gone into the bears house when no one was home?

   * Why didn't Goldilocks like the porridge in the big bowl?

   * How did Mama bear's chair feel?

   * Which bed did Goldilocks feel was just right?

   * What did Goldilocks do when she saw the three bears.

4. Complete the Goldilocks Counting Book.Write the correct number for each picture. Then color in and cut out each picture on the dotted line.  Have a parent staple together to make a book. Goldilocks counting book.pdfExample Goldilocks counting book.png  

5. Let's finish our patterns. Can you finish the ABC pattern and then make your own ABC pattern.  Send me a picture or post on flipgrid.  I loved all the creative ways you made the AB & AABB patterns ABC patterns(2).png.

6. Everyone had great examples of different size toys. Let's see if we can put some of the things we saw in our book in the correct size. Goldilocks just right worksheet(2).png