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Week of 4/20-4/24

 Continue to do the daily assignments everyday on the home page of my eboard and post a flipgrid video on your show & tell day.


I hope everyone had a nice Easter and enjoyed a little time off from school.  We are now in the last leg of preschool and I am confident that the boys and girls will be prepared for kindergarten as long as they keep up with their daily work. Please continue to keep me up to date with their progress through flipgrid or email.  I love seeing pictures of everyones's work and projects.



1.We are being introduced to the letter "Uu" this week. It is a vowel and can have a long sound like "unicorn" and short sound like "umbrella". Practice writing "Uu" on your wipe off card.

2. Watch the Jack Hartman letter "Uu" video.  Watch how he writes the letter, listen to the sounds the letter makes and listen for some "Uu" words. Come up with a list of letters beginning with the letter "Uu".

3. Complete the "I Can Color" worksheet for the letter "Uu"  I can color letter Uu.png and sound dab it for letter Uu sound. dab it letter Uu.png 

4. Did you know there was a bird called an Umbrella Bird? There is, and it strats with the letter "Uu". Do you think you can tell me why it's called an Umbrella Bird. Watch the short video about the Umbrella Bird. Then watch the fun video on  Epic about the Umbrella Bird.  Try and sing and dance to the video.

I hope you enjoyed learning about the Umbrella Bird. Color the attached picture of an Umbrella Bird.  Post on flipgrid or send me a picture. Umbrella Bird coloring sheet.png 

5. Our number of the week is #9. Practice writing #9 and see if you can find 9 things in your house. #9 worksheet.png and since April showers bring may flowers I attached a rainy day number recognition sheet  Rainy Day color by number.png 

6.Lets get ready for Earth day and Arbor Day this week! We will learn about different ways we can take care of our planet Earth. We will learn how to Reduce,Reuse & Recycle. There are a few books that you can listen to that teaches us all how we can reduce,reuse & recycle.  I have attached two and the others will be on Epic.  They can listen to them throughout the week.,, (a virtual tour to a recycling plant)

6.Attached is a "Help Our Planet Earth Book" This is a book that teaches us how we can help our planet Earth.  Color the pictures and then cut out along the dark black line.  Put the pages in order and staple. yo now made a book.  Have a parent or sibling read your book to you.  This is something that you can do over the course of 3 days.  It does not have to be completed in one day. Earth day booklet.pdf 



It's Earth Day! What are some ways we can help protect our planet Earth?


1. We are still working with the letter "Uu". Watch Olive and the Rhyme Rescue Crew letter "Uu" video. the video see if you can come up with more "Uu" words. I'll show you my list on flipgrid. Practice writing letter "Uu". letter Uu.png.

2. Happy Earth Day!  Did you think of different we can take care of our Earth? Listen to the audio book "The Earth Book", by Todd Parr. are going to do an Earth Day craft.  Did you know that the Earth is made up of land and water? All you need is blue and green construction paper and a glue stick and you will create the palnet Earth. See flipgrid for directions. Happy Earth Day.png. Post on flipgrid or send me a picture.

3. After listening to the books on recycling, lets see if you know what items get recycled.  Attached is an "I Can Recycle" worksheet. Cut each item out and glue them in the correct column.  Send me a picture. I can recycle #1.pdf  I can recycle #2.pdf 

4. Earth Day number Recognition.  Lets see if you can recognize numbers 1-12.  All you need is dice, a blue and green crayon.  Roll the dice, count the dots on the dice and find that number on the sheet.  Blue crayon is for #'s 1-3-5-7-9-11,

Green crayon is for #'s 2-4-6-8-10. Earth Day number recognition.png 

5. God created our Earth. Have someone read to you from your religion page "The Story of Creation" then color in the page Thank You God and we can thank God for creating our beautiful earth. I Am Special page.pdf 

6. Mrs. Miller, our sign language teacher sent us a video of a song that the boys and girls have been learning. The Lion Sleeps Tonight and The Rainbow Color Song.  They were learning how to sing and sign the song.  It was wondeful to watch.




It's Arbor Day! Why do you think we need trees?


1. We are going to wap up our letter "Uu". Continue to practice writing the letter "Uu" and practice its sound. letter Uu -2.pngUu words.png 

2. Complete #9 worksheet. Can you recognize the #9. Number 9.png 

3. It's Arbor Day! Another way yo think about how we can help our planet earth.  It is a day when we plant a tree or take care of the trees around us. (See Flipgrid)

      *What are some different types of trees? Apple, oak, pear... Can you think of anymore?

      *Many animals live in trees. Birds, ssquirrelw, monkeys, bats...Can you think of anymore.

      *Why do you think we need trees? - home for animals, gives us shade, gives us wood to build things.

Complete I Am Special pages 45-46 religion book. Draw a picture of your favorite tree and an animal that lives in the tree. I.A.S Arbor Day.pdf 

4. Listen to audio book "Curious George Plants a Tree", by H.A. Rey. 

What do trees need to grow? Complete 2 worksheets  Curious George Pick_the_Plants_Printable.pdf , Curious George Plants_Need_to_Grow_Printable.pdf 

5. Arbor Day Craft! Paint or draw a picture of a tree. Have a parent trace your arm and hand.  Your arm is the trunk of the tree and your fingers are the branches. Put some paint on  your fingertip and press onto the branches of the tree for leaves, or use a crayon and color some leaves on the tree. Don't forget the grass and sun.  Use your imaginationšŸ˜€. Post on flipgrid or send me a picture so I can see your masterpiece.

6. To wrap up Earth Week listen to the song "Wev've Got the Whole World In Our Hands"