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Week of 3/30-4/3

 3-30 Check List.pdf 

Continue to do the daily assignments everyday on the home page of my eboard

Since the book challange is over on Tuesday, March 31st, can you please take a picture of your child with their completed bookworm and then if you have ice cream or a special treat at home give it to them. They deserve it for completing their bookworm.


1.We are being introduced to the letter "Ee" this week. It is a vowel and can have a long sound like "Easter" and short sound like "egg". Practice writing "Ee" on your wipe off card.

2. Watch the Jack Hartman letter "Ee" video.  watch how he writes the letter, listen to the sounds the letter makes and listen for some "Ee" words. Come up with a list of letters beginning with the letter "Ee".

3. Complete the "I Can Color" worksheet for the letter "Ee" letter E coloring page.pdf 

4. Complete the letter "Ee" Dab it worksheet.  dab it letter E.jpeg 

5. Since we are learning the letter "Ee" thos week, I would like the children to learn about an amazing, strong animal; The Elephant.  Please click on the link to watch a great episode of Wild Kratts "Elephant in the Room".


 Some fun facts about elephants:

* Did you know that an elephant's mom is called a COW?

* Elephants always travel in herds, so if you see just one elephant he or she is probably lost.

*A baby elephant weighs 250 pounds.

*Hanging out in the mud and spraying it on them keeps them cool.

*Elephants have the stength of a bulldozer.


After the children watch the episode about elephants, please color the picture of an elephant. coloring-pages-of-elephants-.pdf 





1. It's April 1st and Wacky Wednesday!! Please listen to the story Wacky Wednesday. Can you find all of ther wacky things that are going on in each page?

Act silly, wear crazy clothes (turn them inside out, find your Christmas pajamas), make your hair look crazy! Send me pictures.

Post a joke on flipgrid for your friends to hear. Have fun. Play a joke on mom, dad or your sisters and brothers.


2. We are still working with the letter "Ee". Watch Olive and the Rhyme Rescue Crew letter "Ee" video. the video see if you can come up with more "Ee" words. I'll show you my list on flipgrid. Practice writing letter "Ee"

Letter E-2.pdf worksheet


 3. Practice writing #8 worksheet  #8-2.pdf#8.pdf 


4. Listen to audio book "Eggday" by Joyce Dunbar. listening ton the story "Eggday", use the egg templatethat is attached to create a shredded papercollage Easter Egg.  Cut out egg. Use any type of paper or tissue paper that you have. Have the childre tear the paper into different sizes and then glue (glue stick or regular glue)and goue paper onto the egg. They can make any design or pattern they want. Be creative.  Take a picture of their completed egg and send to me. easter egg template.jpg 



 HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHAEL J. On Friday everyone go on flipgrd to wish Michael J. A Very Happy Birthday!!

1. We  are going to wrap up letter "Ee".  Please complete the attached worksheet.  letter E-3.pdf 

2. Listen to audio book "The Little Engine That Could"

 Engine starts with the letter "Ee"

   * Do you think the shiny new engine and the big freight engine were very nice to the little blue engine?

   * Do you think you should ever give up on somehting that is hard for you without trying ?

   * Did the toy clown ever give up trying to find a train to help the little blue engine over the mountain?

   * Did the little blue engine makes it over the mountain?

 Color the attached train worksheet using the color key.  Follow the ordinal numbers from 1st to 10th.  Ordinal numbers are another way of counting numbers. Just like on a calendar.  We count 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th,6th,7th,8th,9th &10th.  ordinal #'s.pdf 


3. Continuing with patterns.  Complete the attached egg pattern worksheet and when done color the eggs.  Easter egg patterns.pdf 

4. We use our ears to listen. Ears starts with letter "Ee". Complete "Times to Listen"  Times to Listen.pdf 

    * Fold pages to make a book.  Color the words & ears on front page.

   * Read the inside with a parent or sibling.

   * Turn to the back & drae pictures of things you like to listen to. Ex. birds, music, ocean waves, etc...