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Welcome to Pre-K 5

Mrs.Borrino & Mrs.Calicchio 





Week of 9/21/20




Wednesday, 9/23 - Early Dismissal 12:00 pickup. NO SNACK NEEDED

Also, please send in 2 apples for a cooking project.



Backpacks should have the following:


1. Extra face mask

2. Take home folder

3. Lunch box - include 2 napkins

4. Snack in a zip lock bag with name. There will now be a box on top of the cubbies for their snack.



We will be introducing the letter "Aa" this week with our alphafriend, Andy Apple.  The boys and girls will begin to recognize the letter and its sound. They will also learn that the letter "Aa" is a vowel and has two sounds like in "ape" and "apple". They will help come up with a list of words that bgins with the letter "Aa". Throughout the week the boys and girls will practice writing the letter "Aa" as well as writing their name. On Friday, the children will bring home the letter book "Andy Apple Aa book". Please put these books in a ziplock bag so they can be kept safe.  Each letter we do, will have a matching book.  These books should be left home in the ziplock bag so they can review each letter during the school year.



Communication is very important to your child's success. Please feel free to contact me at the above email at any time if you have any questions or concerns.  I will not be able to get back to you until the end of the school day, which is after 3pm. Please remember to send their folder back to school everyday.  It is used for any notices and/or projects that need to be sent home.



Please send in a lunch that you child is able to finish on their own.  Be sure to send their lunch with two napkins; we use one for a placemat and one is to be used when they finish their lunch.



We will go out for recess everyday unless it is too cold or raining. Please have your child dressed appropriately for the weather and always wear closed toe shoes.  If your children come to school with rain or snow boots they need to have shoes to change into for the day.


We are looking forward to a great year!!


Warm Regards, 

Mrs. Borrino & Mrs. Calicchio