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Welcome to Pre-K 5

Mrs.Borrino & Mrs.Calicchio 








Week of 3/30-4/3


From now on all the lesson plans and videos will be on the side bar labled remote learning and the week as well as flipgrid videos



While school is closed, please check the E-board on Sunday and Wednesday for important information and specific activities that I will post.  Also please encourage your children to use their toys, such as blocks and legos to sort by color, size and shape, make patterns and build something.  Also play with puzzles and board games.


Please keep the children's work all together and bring it back when school resumes. In addition, I would like you to keep a photo journal of your child doing some of these activities.  Simply take a picture of your child while doing their work and before they return to school print them and make glue onto paper and make a booklet.  They can decorate or tell you to write something(or if they want to attempt to write something) under each picture.  If for some reason you are unable to print the pictures just email them to me. I will use these pictures to help assess their progress while not in school.


If you have any questions please don't hesitiate to email me.


P.S. Please look at the homework site under "specials".  Scroll toward bottom on the page, click on Mrs. Wall for library. Follow directions on her page.  She has a link for each grade. In addition, Mrs. Calicchio added her music classes to the E-board. She is listed under specials as well.


1.Every day practice prayers-"Our Father, Hail Mary and prayer before you eat each meal"

2.Do the calendar; Day of the week, date, month, year. Then say the entire date. For example "Today is Sunday, March 15, 2020"

3. Be a weather reporter.  Complete the weather chart.  Write down if it is a Lion Day or a Lamb Day

4. Review your letter books that have been sent home and color some of the pictures. 

5. Using the wipe off cards that were sent home practice writing you FIRST and LAST NAME and letters of the alphabet.

6. Play! (pay dough, board games, puzzles, legos etc.)

7. Continue photo journal






Thank you for all your cooperation and patience during this crazy time.  I know this can't be easy for you.


Warm Regards, 

Mrs. Borrino & Mrs. Calicchio