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[email protected] or 318-323-2237 ext:1216




Please fill out the form for your child's scheduled class. Just click on the class period. 


2nd Hour Parent Information Form 

3rd Hour Parent Information Form

4th Hour Parent Information Form

5th Hour Parent Information Form

6th Hour Parent Information Form

7th Hour Parent Information Form



Google Classroom and Remind Codes

Class Period Subject Google Classroom Code Remind Code
2nd Hour Alg 2 u45pxvn @beasecond
3rd Hour Alg 2 ujxspd7 @beathird
4th Hour Alg 3 m6h4msh @beafourth
5th Hour Alg 3 47vrfex @beafifth
6th Hour Alg 2  cm4zepb @beasixth
7th Hour Alg 2  iz7had6 @beaseventh



Week at a Glance

Algebra 2
Monday  Compound Inequalities
Tuesday  Compound Inequalities
Wednesday  Review
Thursday  Test


Algebra 3
Monday  Factoring
Tuesday Factoring
Wednesday  Review
Thursday  Test






Bell Schedule
First Bell 7:30  
1st Period 7:35-8:29 Planning/Conference
2nd Period 8:33-9:27 Algebra 2
3rd Period 9:31-10:25 Algebra 2
4th Period 10:29-11:24 Algebra 3
5th Period 11:28-12:21 Algebra 3 
2nd Lunch 12:21-12:51  
6th Period 12:55-1:48 Algebra 2
7th Period 1:52-2:45 Algebra 2