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Enrichment Grades 4-6

  • Meet 12:10-12:50 Wednesday



Project 1:  Mystery- "Who Dunnit"- Students create the mystery in this project . Staff members will be the suspects and one member will be the culprit. Students will create a story using the elements of literature ( Setting, Characters, plot- action, problem and resolution.

Students will be the detectives and teachers- they will learn how to take "mug" shots, finger prints, collect and test samples,

Students will share the mystery with the classrooms and the classes will try to solve the mystery.


Project 2: Use the STEM elements to design to create a new flavor of a specific food. Work with STEM teacher and classes. Market the product, create an IPO to sell the product shares for "start up" monies and sell product to school community. Proceeds will be used in the school greenhouse for further projects ( or voted on by members)


Project 3: Engineering- Look closely at the Victorian town of Cape May- go on a walking tour with MAC and design and create a mini model of a Victorian home- Use math ( measurement, perimeter, scale, etc) and art for aesthetics.