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The Cape May City Elementary Triathlon

The Cape May Elementary Triathlon is a tradition at the school and has been getting bigger and better each year. The race has had a tremendous impact on the student's health and physical fitness. Students in 3rd through 6th grade are able to participate in the event, racing as an individual or team member. This way there is really something for everyone to participate in the event. Each student that participates receives a race T-shirt, with trophies going to the top finishers for each grade and relay team.

We also have the annual T-shirt contest for each year’s race shirt. Any student in 3rd through 6th grade can enter a drawing that could become the design for the race shirt. Students can create a picture of all three events; swimming, biking, and running that are part of the triathlon. All entries are handed in to Mr. Holden.

Required equipment to participate in the race: 
swim suit - helmet - bike - sneakers

The course:

200 yard swim

2 mile bike

3/4 mile run.

The Cape May Police blocks off the Lafayette Street in-front of the school for racers to ride the bike section. Parents have plenty of space to watch and cheer on the competitors.

Donations are a great way to support the student's and race. Donations can be sent to the TASK committee to help the purchase of T-shirts and trophies. Call the school for more information.

For information about the race event or to volunteer please contact Mr. Holden at school. 884-8485 or

First Place Winners
2012 - Avery White
2011 - Savannah Bruno
2010 - Jeff Imrisik
2009 - Logan Spicer
2008 - Meagan Farish
2007 - Samantha Lizack
2006 - Franchesca Gibson