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Welcome to 4th grade with Mr. Ehret
(Mr. E.)


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**EDISON Elementary School**


Mr. E (Room 4): Language Arts
(Reading and Writing)/Science/S.S./Math


Grading System

Each student’s grade will be determined by tests/quizzes, classwork, homework, and

100%-93% = A         92%-85%  = B           84%-77%  = C          76%-70%  = D          69% or less   = F


They will usually be announced, though an announced “quick-check” quiz may be given at any time.  All tests and quizzes will be graded on a percentage scale.

***All writing grades will be determined by use of the NJ ASK Writing Rubric.



Any work that is assigned in class during the school day will be evaluated based on effort and completeness.  If the assigned classwork is not finished in class it should be brought home to be completed as homework and turned in the next school day to receive credit.  If there is no effort shown for the work to be completed in class, during the allotted amount of time, the student will be given a chance to complete the assignment during recess time.



This shows me the teacher how actively involved each student is.  As I’ve told the students, even if I don’t call on you, I still notice the people who are consistently raising their hands.  Active participation also involves students who are awake, alert, paying attention, and focused on the lessons and activities facilitated by the teacher.




  • ALL STUDENTS WILL WRITE HW ASSIGNMENTS IN THE “STUDENT PLANNER” PROVIDED BY THE SCHOOL.  For the 1st Marking Period: I WILL CHECK THAT IT IS WRITTEN CORRECTLY.  I ALSO ASK THAT PARENTS CHECK THE “PLANNER” EACH NIGHT AND SIGN OFF AT THE BOTTOM SO I KNOW YOU HAVE SEEN IT. For the 2nd Marking Period: Students will check each other’s planner for accuracy.  For the 3rd Marking Period: Students will be held responsible for accurately filling out their OWN planner.


  • Homework will be given out every night except the last day in the school week.  There may be times where a project or a special assignment will not be able to be completed in school and will have to be finished over the weekend.


  • The student is expected to complete homework assignments each night.  Some assignments may be more difficult than others and require parental assistance.  If you notice that your child does not seem to grasp the concept being practiced at home please email, or write a note to inform me, so that I may provide additional help.


  • If homework is missed or forgotten, the student will receive a zero.  If it is made up or turned in the next day, half credit can be given.  On the day homework is missed, Mr. E. will send home a HOMEWORK ALERT in the homework book that day so the parents are made aware of the missed assignment.  If three (3) homework assignments are missed within the marking period a phone call/email will be made to the parents.


  • Homework is checked and reviewed each morning.  If all students have successfully completed homework, Mr. E. will then do ten push-ups per homework assignment. 



The following 4th Grade Behavior Plan will be in effect in my classrooms during the school year:


Summary of the Plan

  • Based on a color system – green, yellow, orange, red.
  • All students begin the day on green
  • If a student shows an inappropriate behavior the student’s color will first be changed to yellow
  • If the teacher does not have to talk to the student for the remainder of the class then the student’s color is put back to green
  • If the behavior continues, the teacher will change the color to orange, and eventually red.
  • If at the end of the morning/afternoon the student is on a color other than green, a consequence will be given.


  • If a student ends on yellow, orange, or red, an email or, a note will go home in the homework book to inform the parents.


Specifically, if the student ends on:


  •  YELLOW: Loss of Recess/TPE 


  • ORANGE: Sent to another class for a “cool-down” and loss of recess/TPE


  • RED: Call home, sent to meet with Ms. Loffredo, loss of recess, and possible school

consequences – i.e. Time Out or Suspension



Parent-Teacher Communication

  • Daily (as needed): EMAIL (best way), phone calls, or HW Book/Planner
  • Weekly: Behavior Reports (as needed)
  • Monthly: 4th Grade Newsletter, Progress Reports (as needed) 




 Reward Systems


Individual Incentives

The individual incentive involves a 20 checks reward chart.  Students earn checks towards the magic number of 20.  After 20 checks, the student receives a form with an option of rewards to choose from.

Example rewards: Homework pass, choose your job, seat change, sit at Mr. E.’s desk, computer pass, and a chance for the monthly drawing to eat lunch with Mr. E. AND Miss Minion!



Whole Class Incentives

When the whole class comes together to be the best that they can be, Mr. E. will give a class compliment.  Once the Class Reward Thermometer has been filled (about 20 class compliments), a whole class reward is given. 

Compliments don’t have to be given just by Mr. E. either.  If other teachers or staff notice the class following directions exceptionally well in the hallway, or in the classroom, or at a special, they may give a compliment, and it will be added to the total on the thermometer. 


Examples of whole class rewards are: extra TPE, computer lab time, or movie afternoon