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Second Grade Sight Words


If your child can read every word on the First Grade Sight Word list, I encourage you to help your child learn the second grade sight words. It will help your child become a stronger reader and will also prepare them for second grade.


old                                        by                                                              their


here                                      saw                                                             call


after                                      well                                                             think


ran                                        let                                                               help


make                                    going                                                           sleep


brown                                   yellow                                                          five


six                                        walk                                                             two


or                                         before                                                          eat


again                                     play                                                             who


been                                      may                                                             stop


off                                         never                                                           seven


eight                                      cold                                                              today


fly                                         myself                                                           round


tell                                        much                                                             keep


give                                      work                                                              first


try                                        new                                                               must


start                                      black                                                              white


ten                                       does                                                               bring


goes                                     write                                                              always


drink                                    once                                                               soon


made                                   run                                                                 gave


open                                    had                                                                 find


only                                     us                                                                   three


our                                      better                                                              hold


buy                                     funny                                                               warm


ate                                      full                                                                   those


done                                   use                                                                   fast


say                                     light                                                                  pick


hurt                                   pull                                                                   cut


kind                                   both                                                                  which


fall                                     carry                                                                 small


under                                 read                                                                  why


own                                   found                                                                 wash


slow                                  hot                                                                     because


far                                    live                                                                    draw


clean                                grow                                                                  best


upon                                these                                                                  sing


together                           please                                                                 thank


wish                                many                                                                   shall


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