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First Grade Sight Words

Sight words, also known as high frequency words are words that are frequently found in children's texts. Most of the words you can't sound out and you just have to know them by sight. By the end of first grade your child is expected to know all of the sight words on the first grade list. We practice these words daily in Journeys and it is also encouraged that you practice these words at home. You can make sight word practice fun by playing sight word games with your child. You can play sight word memory or sight word tic-tac-toe to help your child learn the words. Learning these sight words will help strengthen your child's reading!


 is          little        get        come
her         down         them        it

there         do           like        now

some        can          one        long

out         could          this        my

as        when        no         came

be            did           would         ask

have         what        me         very

go        so            will        an

we        see          yes        over

am        not          big        yours

then        where        went         its

are        ride         into        right

just          put         blue        too

red        got         from        take

good       where        any         every

about         pretty          around         jump

want        green        don't        four

how         away         know