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                                      Spelling Activites
1.  Rainbow = Write each spelling word in a different color. Example - cat

2.  Build-A-Word
= Write the first letter of your word, then on the next line write the first two letters of your word. Continue doing this until you have the word spelled correctly. Example


3.  Red Vowels = write your consonants in pencil and the vowels in red.

4.  Consonant Circles = write you words in pencil. Then circle the consonants with a pen, colored pencil, or crayon

5.  Spelling City = You may go to and complete and print out one of the activities that go with this week's spelling words.
Color Writing = Write your spelling words in different colors and put them together to make one long word.
6.  Computer Writing = Type your words on the computer, print out, and bring to school.

7.  Word Search = Make a list of your spelling words on a word search program and print it out.

8.  Rhymes Writing = Write your spelling words and next to them write a rhyming word. Example men-pen (underline your spelling word)

9.  Glue It Writing = Cut out letters from newspapers, magazines, or make different kinds on the computer. Glue them to your paper to write your spelling words.

10.  Code Writing = Write your spelling words using a code. The numbers correspond with the letter of the alphabet. Example a=1, b=2, c=3, d=4, e=5, bed = 2,4,5 (underline your spelling word)

11. = You may complete and print any of the activities on spellingcity.

12. = You may wordle your spelling words and print your wordle to show your work.