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Word Analysis (spelling words) -

Will be tested Friday Be READY! 

magnet               gotten

splendid               velvet  

traffic               signal

basket               skillet

public               index

ridden               subject

  fossil               tunnel



Vocabulary Words 

Will be tested Friday Be READY! 



explicit = stated clearly and in detail

character = a person or animal in a story

setting = when and where a story takes place

event = something that happens in a story 

fable= a very short story, usually with animal


evidence = a sign (word/phrase/visual) which shows somethign exists or is true 


knowledge = having information, facts, and ideas


carpetmaker = a rug weaver; a person who makes rugs


plenty = more than enough


thread = a fine twisted cord


straying = wanderign 


carpenter = a person builds with wood


merchant = a person who buys and sells goods

marketplace = a place where people buy and sell 




Homework is expected to be completed the day it is given.  Then return it the next day. If you lose your reading log - go to the left and click on reading log and print another one or copy it on a piece of paper. 


Vocabulary and spelling are not required homework nightly.  You may want to spend a couple of minutes nightly saying them or studying them verbally.  


Monday -   

Read for 20 minutes & Log

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Vocabulary Choice Board


Tuesday -   

Read for 20 minutes

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Spelling Choice Board 


Wednesday - 

Read for 20 minutes & Log

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Thursday - 

Read for 20 minutes

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Be Ready for Vocabulary Test

                   & Spelling Test 


Friday -    Happy Friday 


I Can.......

* Spell words with the cv/vc spelling pattern.

* Ask a variety of questions from text to clarify understanding.

* use the text to answer a variety of questions; recount evidence from the text as the basis for discussion and answers to questions

*use strategies to find sums and differences (properties of addition)

*Estimage sums to tens and hundreds


Every week students will be assessed on word analysis (spelling) and vocabulary words.  









Click on the pic above or link below to get more information on the FSA - You can get practice FSA tests, and answers to some of your FSA questions.






  • August 29th Curriculum Night - Hope to see you there!  This is very informative :) 
  • August 30th Upstander Day 
  • September 2nd No School Labor Day 
  • September 30th No School Rosh Hashanah