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NO SCHOOL 3/15/19 SPRING BREAK until 3/22/19 - See you back on Monday, March 18th :) 



captions - a phrase or sentence set below a picture in a text that explains something about the picture

bold print - print that is darker or brighter than the rest of the sentence

subheading - the title of a section of the text that tells what the section is about

glossary - a list at the back of the book of important words from the text and their meanings 

index - a list at the back of the book of all the topics in the book

table of contents - a list in the front of the book listing the sections or chapter 

text features - things in a text the author uses to help a header better understand the text

key facts - the most important ideas ina text that can be proven to be true

information - facts provided about something or someone

skim - to move over a surface quickly or lightly

wedge - to push into a small space

voyage - a long journey involving travel by sea or in space

entry - an item written or printed in a list





Word of the Week  

support - to hold something up or providing what you know by providing evidence  


Character Word of the week

Courage - the ability to do something dangerous or difficult even when afraid




















Friday:   Happy Friday 





Learning Goals for the week:  

I Can:

 * Determine what the author is answering, explaining, or describing in the text (author's purpose). 

* Use reading strategies to determine the meaning of words and phrases in a text.

* Define key vocabulary terms.

* Identify and use adverbs.

* Build math fact fluency/automaticity for addition and subtraction.

* Identify coins and their values and determine the value of combinations of coins.

* Organize rocks and minerals by their attributes. 




Important Dates - 



Specials this week - 

Monday - PE

Tuesday -  Music 

Wednesday -  PE

Thursday - PE    

Friday - Media 


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