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Below are the supplies necessary/required for your child's Spanish class.
            ------Spanish/English Dictionary----for home use

               --Notebook  min. 70pg. lined paper dedicated to Spanish class (single subject notebook or loose leaf in binder fine)

               -- 2" binder to hold notebook/loose leaf paper, handouts, and other papers an accordion file would serve as well. Dividers (for binder) would help with                        organization.(notes, classwork, HW, Test/quizzes, Story copies: Miguelito/Esperanza 

               -- 4 Dry erase markers (dark colors){red, blue, green, black preferred} 2 for fall/2 for spring
               --  2 pocket folder.


------Readily available General supplies(pens, pencils, erasers, highlighters, scissors, etc....) as outlined for 8th-grade classes.