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Welcome to 8th Grade Language Arts!

There is a whole lot of reading and writing going on!


This year Mrs. Tecce and I will be embarking on a team teaching effort in Language Arts!

I hope you are all ready to learn and have fun!





To end this year, we will be finishing an essay titled 'Memory Lane'.  Students will write about the highlights, both positive and negative, about their years in middle school and how they will apply what they have learned to their future.  This is due on June 5th.









We lightened things up with a short story about Baseball!  Some skills we are working on can be found and practiced using IXL A-1, HH-1,2

 Comprehention Questions on Google Classroom due 4/9/19



We have just completed our unit on Anne Frank!



 March 11th

We are beginning Act II of Anne Frank Play. 






We have completed our unit on Dr Martin Luther King, Jr.  We studied two of his many speeches, "I Have a Dream" and "The American Dream". 






Our study on Charles Dickens will be beneficial when we explore Shakespeare in high school! 











Poe was the first great Horror writer!!! 




We have explored some of Poe's disturbing and mysterious writings. 






The Outsiders has long been a favorite of students young and old!  The lesson being taught is one of finding our commonality rather than our differences.










Essay response to Justin Timberlake we watched in class should be completed and turned in.  We had multiple opportunities to edit, peer edit, and teacher edit.   





Check out some fun videos to help remember ...