What's going on in Fourth Grade?

The School Day

El Día Escolar



On Thursday and Friday March 22 & 23rd the fourth grade students at Wm. H. Ross Elementary School will take the STAMP Proficiency Assessment in Spanish.  The goal is to find out how well our students are learning Spanish and to give them a baseline proficiency score in the language.   

Students will take the exam again in 8th grade to show their growth. 

You will receive a copy of your child's score at the end of the school year 

along with an explanation of the score.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions!



   STAMP study guide.pdf 

 STAMP test P.P..pdf 

Vocabulary for Practice


 Hola = Hello

Buenos días = Good morning

Buenas tardes = Good afternoon

Buenas noches = Good night

Adios = Good bye

Hasta luego = See you later

Hasta mañana = See you tomorrow

Chao = Bye!

Gracias = Thank you

De nada = Your welcome

Por favor = Please

Perdóneme = Excuse me

Lo siento = I'm sorry

Salud = Bless you

Sí = Yes

No = No

¿Cómo te llamas? OR ¿Cómo se llama Ud.? = What is your name?

Me llamo = My name is

¿Cómo estás? OR ¿Cómo está Ud.? = How are you?

Muy Bien = Very fine

Bien = Fine

Así así = So so

Mal = Bad

Muy mal = Very bad

¿Y tú? OR ¿Y Ud.? = And you? (How about you?)





What we do in Fourth Grade...


Self and Others
The School Day
Healthy Habits
The World Us
Country Focus - ECUADOR

We are learning the "Pledge of Allegiance" in Spanish!

"Prometo fidelidad a la bandera de los Estados Unidos de América.
Y a la república que representa,
Una nación bajo Dios, indivisible,
Con libertad y jusiticia para todos."