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Welcome to a great year of learning and fun!!


Ms. Bernadette McCaffery

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School is an exciting time for children.  It means making friends, taking part in activities, and learning skills.  But school can also be an unsettling time.  Children wonder whether they'll like their teacher and be accepted by their classmates.  It's time for establishing a new place in the world--always a bit frightening.  Together you and I have a common goal--to help your child be a happy, well adjusted learner.  As a parent you know the most about your child's likes, dislikes, and unique learning style.  Help me to create a successful learning environment by sharing this information.  Knowing your child's reading tastes and favorite activities will allow me to make suggestions that will extend learning beyond the classroom.  We can share information in a number of different ways--through telephone conversations, emails, notes from you to me, and meetings.


Home is where learning starts.  As a role model, you are a very important part of your child's education.  If your child sees your enthusiasm for learning, he or she will also be enthusastic.  I encourage you to take part in activities that reinforce what your child is learning in school.  For example, if your child is studying community workers, you might visit your fire department.


Encourage your child to talk about school experiences.  Many kids will tell you what they are thinking and feeling.  Listen carefully, not only to the words but to the gestures, the emphases, and emotions.  For a child, small problems can be overwhelming.  Help your child understand that most problems, have solutions.  Working together, you and your child can find the best solutions.  Then school can become an even more productive place.  Thank you for entrusting your child to my care!