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   Welcome to World Language...Spanish. My name is Mrs. Kim (Señora Kim) and I will be your child’s Spanish teacher this year.  I will be teaching Spanish for grades 3rd-8th.  I graduated and earned a Bachelor's Degree with a double major in both Spanish and Education from Rowan University.  I am certified to teach Kindergarten to eighth-grade.  My Master's Degree is in Education, and I earned this from Marygrove College.  I am married with two children and can relate to the pressures kids are under at this age. I am a veteran teacher with 21 years experience in the Brigantine School District. My career credentials include teaching ESL and Bilingual classes, 2nd grade, and Spanish Pre-K through eighth grade for a majority of my time here.  


      This year we will continue our new World Language program called, “Auténtico"” for grades 5-8th. This program takes a natural approach to learning Spanish as it prepares students for high school Spanish.  The emphasis of this program is based on communication as it provides the students to engage in communicative tasks that are relative and meaningful to their lives.  Thus, enabling the students to retain the information learned.  This program will also help to develop the students’ skills of speaking, listening, reading, writing and grammar.  In addition, the students will gain an awareness of all the Spanish countries as well as their culture, customs, traditions, geographical locations, art, music and foods. Grades 3-4th with be using a variety of different programs/resources in helping to prepare them for middle school Spanish.  My goal for class is to foster a love and appreciation for learning a second language.  


      Each month or so, we will cover a specific topic or theme depending on the lesson.  I will need your help to successfully accomplish this goal.  I have high expectations for my students.  In order for your child to excel, constant encouragement and support is essential. Since learning a foreign language means learning new vocabulary, grammar and expressions; memorization is an important exercise that will be practiced frequently.  It is important that “the students open their ears” to the sound of the language and that they make time to practice.


      For grades 3rd-4th, your child will need a folder and pencil for Spanish class.  For grades 5th-8th, your child will ALL have their own assigned Chromebooks which they will need to bring to class everyday.  In addition, they will need a two pocket (horizontal) folder (plastic preferred) for his/her assignments, a notebook or filler paper if you have fasteners inside folder, Earphones for Chromebooks,  pencils and highligher(s). The students will receive an activity workbook packet that contains their assignments depending on the theme/topic that we will be covering.  In this packet, their weekly classwork/homework is included. 


Grades 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th will be completing most of their classwork and homework assignments through our ONLINE Interactive Spanish textbook. Each student will access this through google classroom.  Students can access all their claswork/homework by going into the "classes." If your child is absent that day, they can still complete assignments or access the online Spanish textbook "Auténtico" and review what they have missed. 




I am using GOOGLE CLASSROOM to communicate with all my classes. Parents, if you haven't downloaded the Google Classroom app, I would advise you to using your child's login info so you can see your child's/childrens' assignments, due dates, important information from not just my class but also for other classes as well.  


As discussed with the students, Grading is based on the following: Participation/Effort, Homework/Classwork, and Quizzes/Tests.  Percentages differs based on grade levels and are as follows:


  • 3rd-4th: Effort/Participation = 50%, Classwork= 50%
  • 5th-6th:  Effort/Participation = 50%,  Classwork/Hw = 50%
  • 7th:  Effort/Particpation = 20%, Classwork/Hw = 45%, Quizzes/Tests = 35%
  • 8th:  Effort/Participation = 20%, Classwork/Hw = 45%, Quizzes/Tests = 35%


      Following are the Classroom Rules and Consequesces for my Spanish class:

Classroom Rules:


  1. RESPECT!  Respect your teacher and others.  Be kind with your words and actions. 
  2. Listen attentively and raise hand to be recognized before speaking.
  3. Follow directions the first time given.
  4. Come prepared to class. (Chromebook, Earphones, Folder, Notebook, pencils, highlighers)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           PLEASE NOTE:  ***5th-8th... Points will be deducted from Spanish (Effort/Participation) grade if students come to class unprepared.  *-15 points  if student does NOT have Spanish Chromebook/Earphones, *  -10 points if student does NOT have Spanish Notebook and or folder, * -5 points if student does NOT have a pencil or highligher for class.                                                                                                                                                                                                


 Failure to comply with these rules or other procedures will result in the appropriate disciplinary action outlined below.


  • 1st time- Warning
  • 2nd time- Conference with student/Name written in Record book
  • 3rd time- Seat change and Parental Phone Call
  • 4th time- Referral/Write up


 Failure to comply with these rules will result in the consequences described above as well as half-credit or a possible zero for that particular assignment depending on how severe the incident is.


 ·Missed work / Late work

·Missed work: For each day a student is out is how many days they have to make up work from the date of absence.

·Late work:  10 points will be deducted for each day an assignment is late. After three days, assignment will receive a zero. If a student is on a rotating schedule, work must be turned in next school day for partial credit NOT next Spanish class.

·Example: 1 day late =90%,  2 days late= 80%, 3 days late=70% from the due date unless it was late due to an excused absence. 

·Any concerns for assignments, please contact me.


      Spanish is a fun and exciting language to learn! I expect this to be a successful year with the students.  If you have any questions concerning our World Language program, please feel free to contact me at 264-9501 or e-mail me at [email protected] 



World Language Teacher

Spanish Schedule:
3rd: 5x/week  (1 marking period)  4th:  5x/week (1 marking period)
5th:  5x/week (1 marking period)
6th:  5x/week (1 marking period)
 7th : 5x/week (1 marking period)

8th : 5x/wee (
1 marking period)


Class Links:  "Auténtico" interactive textbook ONLINE
Students can get extra help/ practice by chooosing a category from the lesson we are working on in class.
 Other useful Websites: