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 I hope you are enjoying your winter break! The pace starts quickening in kindergarten this time of year. Our study of the alphabet continues to expand our knowledge of letter/sound correspondence.  We will be focusing on retelling, cause and effect and story sequence in Reading. We will also be learning more sight words with automaticity. This will increase confidence and fluency.



All of the scholars have access to EPIC book clubs. Access the website at Our class code is lir2779. Lexia accounts are available from home. Log on at We will introduce adding in Math. Scholars love using household objects to reinforce this concept. Wishing you a happy, healthy, and restful 2022!


**Message me if you need help navagating the websites


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Snap Words

Unit 1

a  me  the  I  like  my

Unit 2

at  look  see  here  is  this  an  in  it  and  dad  house  mom  park

Unit 3

can  do  to  be  we  got  was  went  she  he  boy  cat  dog  friend  girl  man  ran  sat  sit

Unit 4

how  you  am  did  fun  get  on  up  day  play  say  for

Unit 5

are  come  love  too  all  ball  had  will  by  go  no  so  as  has  her  him