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 STEM and Technology 

Spring 2020






Mrs. Estlow and Mrs. Baldwin the Brigantine Elementary STEM teachers are providing a differentiated learning experience in the form of a Bingo style choice board for our K-5 students to utilize during home instruction.  Our goal is to provide a wide array of science, technology, engineering and math activities at different levels of difficulty for our students. This approach will allow all students, regardless of their learning style to succeed and have fun while reviewing and ultimately mastering important STEM concepts.  We believe this method of instruction will increase student ownership of their learning while providing a fun learning experience.  If you have any questions or would like to share your students' work that they are proud of, please contact us.


Thank you for your support.

Mrs. Baldwin

Mrs. Estlow


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Mrs. Baldwin and Mrs. Estlow invite you to explore Access Mars from Google. 





The Week of May 4th is Be Kind to Animals Week




May the Force be with You!

May 4th 

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STEM Fun! 



BES Bingo

Websites to explore:

Grades K-5


BrainPOP work for 4th and 5th Grade:

4th and 5th Grade STEM and Technology students have their own password.  We will be posting different lessons throughout the closure for students to complete.  This is not required work, just an extra opportunity for your students to learn about something new.  Please e-mail Mrs. Estlow if you have problems logging in with your username and/or password.