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Welcome Brigantine  Elementary Technology Lab!


This year is going to be an exciting year.  Mrs. Baldwin and myself are looking forward to a fun-filled learning experience for our students.  New Jersey Department of Education adopted the new standards of 8.1 and 8.2, which will combine Science and Technology for the majority of our lessons.




Students this year will also have access to Dell Computers and iPads to aid in the learning process.


What is a Chrome Book?

Chromebook is a different breed of computer. It runs on Google’s web-based Chrome OS, which is designed to be used with an Internet connection. Most of Chromebook’s documents and apps exist in the cloud. And Google automatically provides 100 GB of cloud storage for every Chromebook. This guide will rundown Chromebook basics and speculate if a Chromebook could be your next primary computer.

What is an iPad?

The iPad, which uses Apple's mobile operating system (iOS) combines the computing power of a laptop or desktop computer with the portability of a smartphone. iPad users can surf the internet with Safari, Apple’s web browser, receive and send email messages, share photos and slideshows, watch videos on YouTube and listen to music on iTunes. In addition to the standard features, Apple also offers an app store with thousands of free and paid apps with functions ranging from games and entertainment to business and education.


Introduction to CODE

Students will be introduced to the concept of coding through and various websites.


Digital Citizenship

Since technology changes on a daily basis so does digital etiquette.  Students will learn lessons from various platforms on digital citizenship and internet safety.