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 Target Today

Mrs. LaCroix' and Mrs. Gerevics' Classes



Target Class Information:

Target is a resource class that meets one day each week. This class is for students who have qualified for gifted services according to the Georgia Board of Education criteria. 


Interdisciplinary units focus on critical and creative thinking, higher order reasoning, and comprehensive research skills. The Target day also includes curriculum for affective growth and algebraic reasoning. 


Target Days

Grade Day Teacher
First Thursdays Gerevics
Second Tuesdays Gerevics
Third Wednesdays LaCroix
Fourth Thursdays LaCroix
Fifth Tuesdays LaCroix


Units of Study

First Grade - It's Wild


Students will learn the importance of the animal kingdom, how literature influences our perspective about animals, and decide if animals should be kept in captivity. Students will create an elevator speech and end with a wild animal dinner party!


Second and Third Grades - What a Wonderful World

Students discover what a wonder is and they explore the wonders of the world, their community, and themselves. Students will increase their research and communication skills.


Fourth and Fifth Grades - Survivor

Students discover the behaviors, characteristics, and mindsets that are necessary for survival as well as the interdependence of living things amongst each other and their environment. Students will compare current-day and historical survivors to gain a deeper understanding and a call to service.


Affective Growth

Eight Key Concepts:

1. Emotional Intelligence

2. Self-Awareness

3. Risk-Taking

4. Adversity and Challenge

5. Collaboration and Empathy

6. Stress Management

7. Motivation

8. Goal Setting


Important Dates

April 1-5 - Spring Break

April 8 - Early Release

April 16 - 5th Grade visits Pine Mountain

April 22 - Kindergarten gifted evaluations begin

April 23 - 3rd & 5th Grade Milestones begin



Miscellaneous Information

  • Take a look at our standards:  Gifted Standards.pdf 
  • Progress Reports will be sent home at the end of each semester, not quarter. 



Talent Development:

In Talent Development, a Target teacher meets with high-performing students in small groups or whole classes to provide critical-thinking extension activities that include logical and algebraic reasoning as well as creativity. Participation in Talent Development is based on current data (ex., Iowa, CogAT, Next Step, RI, MI, etc.) and does not guarantee placement in the gifted program. 


We meet with first, third, and fifth graders in the fall and second and fourth graders in the spring. We meet with kindergarten students all year.



Advanced Content:

We offer advanced content classes in the area of reading/English Language Arts and math for our fourth and fifth graders. The classes include gifted and highly-able students who have demonstrated exceptional ability and motivation in a particular content area. Placement is determined by multiple criteria. Here are the rubrics we use for qualification: AC Rubrics 2023-2024.pdf 


The curriculum for advanced content includes performance tasks that extend grade-level standards and expectations. Instruction is at an accelerated pace.


Students must maintain a grade of 80% for continuation in advanced content classes. Placement in these classes at the elementary level does not guarantee placement in middle school.



Questions About Advanced Learning?

The county's Advanced Learning webpage is a wealth of information, including the eligibility process as well as the different models in which gifted students are served elementary through high school. 



Contact Information:

The best way to contact us is through email at [email protected] and