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Weeks at a Glance



May 23rd-27th

Monday - Finals 3rd and 4th Period

Tuesday - Finals 5th and 6th Period

Wednesday - Make-ups

Thursday - Make-ups


May 16th-20th

Monday - Uglies 40-45

Tuesday - Uglies 46-51

Wednesday - Review

Thursday - Finals 7th and 8th period

Friday - Finals 1st and 2nd period


May 9th-13th

Monday - Uglies 17-22

Tuesday - Uglies 23-28

Wednesday - Uglies 29-33

Thursday - Cold Read Quiz

Friday - Uglies 34-39


May 2nd-6th

Monday- State Testing

Tuesday - State Testing

Wednesday - Uglies 1-6

Thursday - Uglies 7-11

Friday - Uglies 12-16


April 25th-29th

Monday - State Testing

Tuesday - State Testing

Wednesday - State Testing

Thursday - State Testing

Friday - State Testing


April 19th-22nd

Tuesday - Chapter 13 Analysis

Wednesday - Chapter 14 Analysis

Thursday - Chapter 15 Analysis

Friday- Vocabulary Exam Chapters 11-12/Content Exam


April 11th-14th

Monday - Noteable Visitors/Chapter 11 Analysis 

Tuesday - Chapter 11 Review, O Captain Activities

Wednesday -  Read Chapter 12, Chapter 10, 11, Noteable Visitors/O Captain Exam

Thursday - Chapter 12 Review, Chapter 11-12 Vocabulary Exam  (may cancel exam to Wednesday)


April 4th - 8th

Monday - Keckley Chapter 9 Analysis-Essay

Tuesday - Complete Chapter 9 essay due

Wednesday - Chapter 10 analysis

Thursday - Vocabulary Chapter 10 Review

Friday - Vocab postponed to here.



March 21st-25th

Monday - Chapter 8 Analysis/Mrs. Lincoln's Attitude

Tuesday - Mrs. Lincoln Videos Activity/Vocabulary 6 and 7 Exam

Wednesday - Vocabulary Exam chapters 6 and 7/Videos NotesChapters 5-8/Videos Content Exam  

Thursday - Chapters 5-8, Videos Content Exam 

Friday - Chapter 9 Cold Read Assessment


March 14th-18th

Monday - Keckley Chapter 5/6 Lincoln videos

Tuesday - Keckley 4/5 Vocabulary Exam, Keckley Chapter 6 Analysis

Wednesday - Chapter 7-8/annotations/motives

Thursday - Keckley Content Exam chapters 5-8

Friday - Vocabulary test Chapters 7-8


March 7th - March 11th

Monday - Complete Comparison Essay

Tuesday - Keckley Chapter 4

Wednesday - Keckley, Crafts, and Douglass Essay

Thursday - Keckley ch. 4, 5, Douglass, and Crafts Content Exam

Friday - Keckley Chapter 5



February 28th - March 4th

Monday - Read "Narrative of Frederick Douglas" Compare to Keckley's emancipation/Summary

Tuesday - Read "Great Escape of the Crafts".  Compete comparison chart discussing the three examples.

Wednesday - Vocabulary 3 Exam

Thursday - Vocabulary 3 Exam/The Crafts analysis

Friday - Crafts activities/Comparison Essay begins.


February 22nd - 25th

Tuesday - "People Could Fly," Behind the Scenes Chapters 1 and 2 content exam.

Wednesday - Behind the Scenes Chapters 1 and 2 Vocabulary Exam

Thursday - Behind the Scenes Chapter 3.  Explore Keckley's emancipation/imagery impact

Friday - Objective Summary writing.  Analyze Frederick Douglass chapter. TChart


February 14th - 17th

Monday - "People Could Fly" Analysis/Chart on tone/thematic statements

Tuesday - Behind the Scenes Chapter 1/"People Could Fly" comparison chart.

Wednesday - Behind the Scenes Chapter 1 Claims

Thursday - Behind the Scenes Chapter 2/review claims hw


February 7th - February 11th

Monday - Begin Chapter 1 annotations

Tuesday - Continue/complete Chapter 1 annotations

Wednesday - The People Could Fly activity/Comparison Model

Thursday - Vocabulary Exam Chapter 1

Friday - Chapter 1, People Could Fly Exam


January 31st - February 4th

Monday - Complete Unit 3 anticipation guide

Tuesday - Preface Analysis

Wednesday - Continue/complete preface (analyze attitude on slavery/Mrs. Lincoln)

Thursday - Preface Vocabulary Exam

Friday - Preface Exam/Chapter 1 



January 24th - 28th

Monday - Cold Read Task

Tuesday - Cold Read Task Day 2

Wednesday - Writing outline/testing review

Thursday - State Testing?

Friday - Unit 3 (Behind the Scenes anticipation guide)


January 18th - 21st

Tuesday - Culminating Writing Task Turn-in/Cold Read 3/Bellringer Check

Wednesday - Gift of the Magi thematic lessons Day 1

Thursday - Gift of the Magi thematic lessons Day 2 (Compare themes across Unit 2 stories) 

Friday - Gift of the Magi Exam



January 10th - 13th

Monday - Culminating Writing Task (Theme)

Tuesday - Culminating Writing Task (Theme)

Wednesday - Culminating Writing Task (Theme)

Thursday - Culminating Writing Task Complete


January 6th-7th

Thursday - Culminating Writing Task 

Friday - Culminating Writing Task (AR Goal Due)


December 20th-22nd

Monday - Midterms 3rd and 4th period

Tuesday - Midterms 1st and 2nd period

Wednesday - Make up exams

AR Goals are due January 7th.  We return on the 6th.



December 13th - 17th

Monday -  Stave 4 Exam

Tuesday - Stave 5 theme development/character arc analysis

Wednesday - Stave 5 Exam

Thursday - Mid-terms 7th and 8th

Friday - Mid-terms 5th and 6th

December 6th-10th

Monday - Stave 3 Content/Vocabulary Exam, Thematic Xmas Card - Stave 3

Tuesday - Stave 4 - Analyze Scrooge's Interaction with Ghost of Yet to Come and Mood impact

Wednesday - Stave 4, analyze experiences with Ghost of Yet To Come.

Thursday - Analyze use of structure, Scrooge's Character

Friday - No school



November 29th-December 3rd

Monday - Complete Stave 2 Exam, Analyze the History of Christmas and purpose towards text.

Tuesday - Compare mood across staves/compare/contrast depictions of Christmas traditions across text.

Wednesday - Scrooge interactions with the Cratchit family/Perceptions chart/Nephew's family-perceptions influence.

Thursday - Stave 3 Voc exam/complete interactions with Ghost and impact on Scrooge/setting effects

Friday - Exam on Stave 3/begin Stave 4 Vocabulary


November 15th-19th

Monday - Christmas Carol Stave 2 analyze repetition/changing perspective for Scrooge

Tuesday - Christmas Carol Stave 2 analyze Scrooge's interaction with Ghost of Christmas Past

Wednesday - Christmas Carol Stave 2 Scrooge's changing perspective

Thursday - Vocabulary and content exam on Stave 2 

Friday - Christmas Carol Stave 2 film comparisons


November 8th - 12th


Monday - Christmas Carol Stave 1 Complete sensory/figurative language analysis 

Tuesday - Christmas Carol Stave 1 Review traits/relate tone to character descriptions

Wednesday - Christmas Carol Stave 1 Exam

Thursday - Veteran's Day

Friday - Christmas Carol Stave 2 analyze repetition/changing perspective for Scrooge



November 1st-5th


Monday - A Christmas Carol Stave 1 Character Analysis/sensory details/mood/Vocabulary introduction

Tuesday - A Christmas Carol Stave 1 Character Perspectives Chart

Wednesday - A Christmas Carol Stave 1 How Setting Shapes Character lesson

Thursday - A Christmas Carol Stave 1 Other characters perspectives/values/interactions

Friday -  Christmas Carol Stave 1 Exam/Voc. Exam


October 25th-29th


Monday - Unit Outlook-expectation-Treasure of Lemon Brown/perspective analysis using figurative language/summary

Tuesday - Complete Treasure of Lemon Brown/analyze changing perspective/add to summary

Wednesday - Treasure analysis/Theme paragraph from short story debating treasure

Thursday - Quiz on Lemon Brown

Friday - A Christmas Carol, chracterize Scrooge with sensory details  Stave 1


October 18th-22nd


Monday - Cold Read Quiz 3, Culminating Writing Task - The Giver, Outline

Tuesday - Complete CWT - Review for TWR strategies

Wednesday - Complete revisions for essay, submit. Review outline, TWR Strategies, 

Thursday - LEAP part 1

Friday - Film To Novel comparisons


October 4th - 8th


Monday - Chapter 20/Columns/Thematic Sheet

Tuesday - Giver Chapter 21-22/Columns Split Page Notes

Wednesday - Giver Chapter 23/Giver Voc List 3 Exam  

Thursday - Giver Final Exam/Thematic

Friday - Giver thematic essay/film comparison



September 27th-October 1st


Monday - Imagine Lesson Rescheduled

Tuesday - Giver Novel Exam 9-16/Imagine Lesson 

Wednesday - Review Chapters 17-18  HW - Giver Chapter 19/claims Lesson - HW-Ch. 20 and 3-2-1 chart

Thursday - Giver Ch. 19 Claims Lesson, HW Check.  Giver 20Giver Ch. 20 thematic lesson, Ch. 21 Chart (Ch. 22 HW)

Friday - Giver Ch. 21 Chart. 




September 20th-24th


Monday - Giver Chapter 13 (HW/190-191) columns questions/split page notes

Tuesday - Giver Chapters 14/15 columns questions/split page notes

Wednesday - Imagine Lesson

Thursday - Giver Chapters 16/17/18 columns questions/split page notes

Friday - Giver Voc. Test 2 (Chapters 9-18)


September 13th - 17th


Monday - Giver Chapter 9/columns questions/turn in paragraph, Chapter 10 HW with reading log completed

Tuesday - Chapter 10 Review, and Chapter 11 /Columns Questions

Wednesday - Chapter 12/Split Page notes/The Hunger Games Chapters 1 & 2/ Cold Read Task

Thursday - Hunger Games/Giver Reaping & Ceremony comparison/Film comparison

Friday - Giver Chapter 13/Columns/Split Page notes


September 7th-10th


Tuesday- Giver Chapter 5/6, Columns/split page notes

Wednesday - Giver Chapters 7/8, Columns/split page notes

Thursday - Giver Chapter 9, Columns/split page notes

Friday - Vocabulary 1 Exam (Chapters 1-8) 


August 30th-September 3rd


Monday - Hurricane

Tuesday - Giver Preamble/Chapter 2 discussion

Wednesday - Giver Chapter 3, Columns/Split Page Notes

Thursday - Giver Chapter 4, columns/Split Page Notes/Release Chart

Friday - Giver Exam 1 (Chapters 1-4)


 August 23rd-27th


Monday - Dystopian infographic sheet (4-5)

Tuesday - Dystopian review, Giver Chapter 1 (Questions 1-5 Column)

Wednesday - Giver Chapter 1 Review, split notes, Chapter 2 

Thursday - Preamble Exercise, part 1 (booklet)

Friday - Common Lit (booklet), Preamble exercise, part 2 (booklet)


August 16-20th


Monday - Welcome students, receive Remind login, laptop agreements - return asap.

Tuesday - No students 

Wednesday - Begin Unit 1 - The Giver, Uglies novel introduction discussed, Dystopian introduction.  booklets received.

Thursday - The Giver dystopian anticipation guide.  Library - Laptops dispersed.

Friday - Complete dystopian anticipation guide.  Chapter 1 Giver/Uglies.












           Welcome parents and students! I am really excited about the upcoming school year, and I feel honored to have the privilege of teaching your children.  I have enjoyed many years here at Lee watching students succeed and look forward to many more.  Here are a few things to be checking your students for.  Please have your students reading at home each night for 20 minutes.  AR is taken very seriously at this school and in my class.  At this time, we are still expecting the students to still meet goals, but if that changes, I will let you know.  This should continue until school is out in May.   Typically, I will take my students on at least a couple of field trips, but they are only allowed to go if their AR goals are met and they must not have any behavior forms (minor or major).  Of course this year, all things are up in the air.  Literally.  We will start the year reading dystopian literature discussing their summer reading novel, The Hunger Games, moving into The Giver.  The students will also be independently reading Uglies, if time permits in the first semester, on their own.  Please be checking their progress.  This will be another new year for all of us.  I imagine it will be a day by day situation where procedures will change so please be patient with me and all of your student's teachers.  Daily, we will be discussing and writing responses tied to The Giver, and there will be content/vocabulary exams.  It is an excellent novel.  The students will learn about utopias and other fiction elements.  I will also have several other short writing/research assignments for the students to complete in class.  After this, we will look at A Christmas Carol with Scrooge and the rest.  There will be a bellringer every day that is generally a short reading with 5 questions that follow.  These will be graded for accuracy at times, but most days for participation.  Some writing lessons should be expected with some grammar lessons squeezed in.  At times, I use media/film/music as a major tool teaching students terms/topics/elements with nothing exceeding a PG rating.  (All of the clips come from fine examples of family entertanment)  If this is a problem, please feel free to contact me.  Students should be assigned laptops so hopefully that will help with the students getting their work completed.    I will post in the homework link when it is assigned, but I primarily always want the kids reading a novel for at least 20 minutes per evening whether they've met their goals or not.  If students can get stay in this rhythm, it will make the rest of the year much easier on him or her.  If you need me for any reason, please call the school at 322-1143 ext. 2134, send me an e-mail at [email protected] or you can reach me through your child's remind app.  I have no problem responding to you or your student there.  Again, thank you so much for allowing me to teach your student.


            We at Neville Junior High set high expectations for our students and have a great year planned for all.  If you're familiar with teacher websites, then you will find this one no different.  Be watching every week for assignments/reviews to be posted in homework for certain nights.  Grades can be found on parent command center or this link  Written work is mostly done in class so that I can help them complete the task.  On some evenings, a student may have a short writing to complete, but it won't take him or her too long.  I will have it assigned in homework as to which day the exam will be on and to review.  Stories or novels that we read in class have assignments that are mostly finished in class, but to review the work that has been done is very important.   The quizzes they take on them contain information from the activities in class. Thank you so much for allowing me to teach your student.  With the new curriculum, many questions from exams can't exactly be reviewed.  Please have your student attending school daily whether virtually or physically.  Thank you. 


    For assignments, click to the left under the main menu selections where it says homework and events.  Once you are there, just pick the date and double click on the word "homework" and the assignment will open in a window.  Most assignments are worked on in-class, but it is very important for students to be reading their AR books at home each night for twenty minutes.  All assignments will be posted on the board under the activities for the day.  If you want to see current grades, go to and click under parents.  Once you are there, you may log in or set up an account with parent command center.  Again, if you need to contact me, I can be reached Monday through Friday from 12:50 p.m. to 1:45 p.m. at the school (323-1143 ext. 2134, you may send me an e-mail to [email protected],or you can send me a message through Remind.  That's usually available to me all day so it's probably the quickest.  Thanks for stopping by.  I hope that your child not only learns many new things, but also becomes more responsible, hardworking, knowledge seeking, and dedicated...and hopefully come home every day feeling special.


Here's is a quick note about AR in case you haven't heard of it yet.


What is AR?

Dear parents,

                We have been using the computer to take Accelerated Reader tests.  This is a computer program that is used to test comprehension on library books that your child reads.  The program uses a point system, awarding points for tests passed.  A.R. books are marked with a sticker and the point value.  I give a nine weeks grade for the student’s accomplishment on reaching their Accelerated Reading goal and average percentage.  Your child has been assigned a goal to reach each nine weeks.  He or she may choose any AR book at his or her assigned level, as long as they reach that goal with at least 90% accuracy by the end of the nine weeks.  AR is worth 200 points in my Reading class so please make sure your child is meeting his or her goal.  It can mean very much to a student's average.  Your child will be able to look at his or her progress on a school’s computer at any time.  If you have any questions, you can reach me at school with the contact information above.



                                                                             Mr. White