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Conference Day 10/23/19





I would first like to introduce myself.  My name is Natasha Watts McMorris.  I graduated from French Settlement High in 1998 and from Southeastern Louisiana University in 2001 earning a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education (1-8).  This is my 18th year teaching eighth grade reading and English at French Settlement High.   

I am married to Chris McMorris and have two children, Reaghan (14) and Trevor (11), who keep me very busy.  I also enjoy being the Jr. Beta and Jr. High Cheerleading Sponsor. 

Please do your best to stay involved in your child's education this school year.  Checking your child's assignments in their planner/calendar or on OnCourse each day and making sure they are completed will help them become more responsible.  Please e-mail me at any time with questions or concerns (Natasha.McMorris@Lpsb.Org).  I am looking forward to a wonderful year ahead.




***Each week, the students will receive 10 spelling words (commonly misspelled) on Monday morning.  They need to write them 10 times each and choose two other activities from the Tic-Tac-Toe board.   It can be ANY two other than 10 times each; they DO NOT have to be in a column or row.  This homework is due on Thursday morning each week.  They will be tested on these words each Friday.  Daily Oral Language (DOL) and Shurley Method (SM) sentences will be given each day as bellwork.  They will take a quiz worth 30-40 points on this every Friday.  The students will practice writing citations/bibliographies later in the school year.




***The students will also receive 10-15 vocabulary words on Monday of each week.  They need to review these words each night.  On Thursday as bellwork, the students will complete a handout using context clues and creating synonyms and antonyms.  A quizlet for each set of vocabulary words will be prepared each week.  If they do not finish in approximately 8 minutes, they will need to finish it for homework to turn in by Friday morning.  The matching vocabulary quiz will be each Friday.


*** Please encourage your child to read a little each night or at least a few nights a week.  They may also check out a book from my classroom or from the local parish libraries. More information on Accelerated Reader points will be sent home soon.