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           Welcome to Mr. O'Marra's Webpage



     To all my students at Memorial School,

               I miss having all of you in physical education class!  Since we can't be in the gym at school, we need to all find ways to keep our bodies moving so we can stay healthy and feeling our best.  Each school day a new challenge will be added to this page.  Choose to participate in the newest daily challenge or try any of the previous ones listed below!   


                       Please check with an adult before performing any of these challenges.




Thursday, May 21st Challenge:


               I thought it might be fun to try playing a virtual game of 4 Corners!  You can play for 10 rounds and see how many points you can earn (1 point for each round you choose a corner that I do not call out).  If you want the real challenge, see if you can make it through 10 rounds without choosing the corner that I call out.  This may take a few tries restarting at round 1 – but the more you try it, the easier it will be for you to remember which numbers I call out each round.  So this activity will actually be working out your mind and your body as you travel from corner to corner.  Click on the picture of me below to give this challenge a try! 







Wednesday, May 20th Challenge:


               For today’s challenge I want to see if you can hang with WWE superstar John Cena and complete his workout.  All you need is your imagination and a little space so that you don’t bump into anything.  The video has a firefighter theme to it (as he was trying to promote a movie he recently starred in).  See if you complete all the levels and increase your heart rate through physical activity.  Click on the picture below to give this workout a try!   






Tuesday, May 19th Challenge: 


               Do your best to recreate a bowling alley and see how accurate you can be rolling a ball towards the pins.  All you need for pins are some empty water bottles.  Use a soft ball if you have it, or even a pair of rolled up socks can work as the bowling ball.  Make a scorecard and keep track of how many pins each player knocks down.  This will give you a great opportunity to demonstrate sportsmanship skills – which can be displayed in the event you win or lose.  Try your best and be proud of the effort you give!  Click on the picture below to see how I demonstrate the correct form to try and use and to see how I created my bowling alley!






Monday, May 18th Challenge:


               This challenge relies heavily on teamwork – and really being able to trust your partner.  One person will use a blindfold (or just cover their eyes).  Their partner will provide directions about where they should move in an attempt to get from a starting spot to a designated ending spot (I used an X on the floor).  You should take turns so that you get to experience both roles – that of the “caller” and the “navigator.”  You can make it harder by placing soft obstacles like stuffed animals in the way.  Be safe with this and be sure to check with an adult before starting, or better yet, get them to do this with you!  Click on the picture below to see my demonstration!   






Friday, May 15th Challenge:


               Do you have what it takes to reach level 5 on this jumping challenge?  Try your best to watch the screen of your computer or ipad – and see if you can move your body accordingly.  The picture of a bank or river will determine what side of a divider you need to be on.  I tried to make the levels get a little harder as they go.  Good luck with this, have fun, and please have an enjoyable weekend!  Click on the picture below to see my demonstration and then give it a try! 






Thursday, May 14th Challenge:


               One of my favorite ways to exercise is to ride my bike.  I have loved doing this ever since I was a little kid.  I am pretty sure that today is going to be beautiful out.  So I wanted to make a video that goes over some bike safety tips.  Whether you know a few of these pointers, or even all of these pointers, use this review before you decide to go on a bike ride.  Don’t forget to check with an adult if you do decide to go on a bike ride – or better yet – ask them to go with you!  Click on the picture below to hear me go over 10 tips for anyone who wants to ride their bike outside today. 






Wednesday, May 13th Challenge:


               Today’s challenge has you making a paper airplane and trying to land it on a runway.  You can choose to throw the airplane for fun or try to improve your accuracy when trying to land it.  I want you to remember your throwing technique when doing this – always step forward with the foot on the opposite side of the hand you are throwing the airplane in.  When you “step with opposition” you will have better balance and control.  You can decide on how wide or narrow you want your runaway to be – and how far away you decide to throw from.  Click on the picture below of me making the airplane and I will show you how I did this challenge.  Remember not to throw your airplane at anyone!






Tuesday, May 12th Challenge:


               Let’s see if you can make it through Coach Terry’s workout.  I tried doing this last night as my workout and I have to say that it got me sweating.  Make sure that you have enough room around you so you don’t bump into anything.  Aside from getting a great workout, you will also probably laugh a little bit listening to him – which is also great for your heart!  Give your best effort and see if you can make it through.  If you need to stop and take a break, do it!  You can always come back to this routine at any point during the day or whenever you feel the need to exercise.  Remember, exercising is FREE and it has so many benefits!  Some of these benefits can include giving you energy, helping your mood, relaxing you, as well as making your heart, bones, and muscles stronger!  Click on the picture below to give this a try!






Monday, May 11th Challenge:


               This challenge has you performing a crab walk to try and rescue toys.  Set up a few toys on a designated island (I used a book).  See if you can perform the crab walk to the island, select one toy to place on your belly, and try and crab walk back to drop you toy off at a safe spot.  This challenge is going to get your entire body stronger – especially the arms, legs, and core muscles.  If you want more a challenge – choose to save more toys or make the distance between islands larger.  






Friday, May 8th Challenge:


               Today is our virtual Field Day event!  We have to try and make the best of the situation and find some activities that may be fun to participate in!  I will be choosing some events and I really hope that you will be able to do the same with family members.  If you want to see the video with Field Day information, I will have it linked below.  I am also including some sports trivia questions (as requested by Christiano) if you want to try and see how many you can answer.  Hope that you all have a great day that leads into an amazing weekend!!!  Click below to see either the Field Day information video or to hear the trivia questions!









Thursday, May 7th Challenge:


               Do you have what it takes to complete this Superhero Workout?  I am confident that you will be able to do this!  If you get tired, slow down, or even pause the YouTube video.  I am hoping that by doing this workout you will feel better and healthier afterwards.   You should also feel like you have more energy – kind of like getting that battery power charged up to 100%!  Do the best that you can with this!  Click on the picture below to try this challenge with me! 






Wednesday, May 6th Challenge:


               Today’s challenge is one of the coolest GoNoodle videos I have come across.  This challenge is half memory, and half dancing.  Thankfully these were dance moves that I was able to do – and actually really enjoyed trying to remember the patterns of dance moves that I had to recall.  Click on the picture below if you want to try doing this dance challenge!  I am also going to include a picture showing 25 Ways to Get Moving at Home.  It is your choice what you do!  Have fun and stay active! 









Tuesday, May 5th Challenge:


               All students in North Haledon are having a virtual Field Day this Friday, May 8th!  This event was initiated by OPEN (Online Physical Educators Network).  I thought I would make a video in an attempt to demonstrate some of the activities that could be done from home.  Use this as a guide but please know that the events are totally up to you!  My hope is that you will be able to choose some events to compete in with family members and that you have a great time!  Use this as an opportunity to show great sportsmanship and to put forth your best effort!  Click on the video below to see me show you some of the events that I am going to be doing!







Monday, May 4th Challenge:


               Today’s challenge is called “Breathing Buddies.”  The idea for this is to simply have a way to relax and calm yourself down if you are ever feeling nervous or stressed out.  This activity has you choosing a “buddy” – which could be a stuffed animal, action figure, or other favorite toy.  Place that “buddy” on your belly and lie down on your back.  See if you can take deep breaths through your nose - getting that belly to fill with air.  Slowly see if you can let that air back out through your mouth as your belly - and “breathing buddy" - lower back down.  Click on the picture below to see how I did this.  Since today is Star Wars Day (May the 4th Be With You) there might be some of you that want to try this with a character from the movie!  






Friday, May 1st Challenge:


               With no softball and baseball going on right now, I thought you could try to use your hand as a bat and see how many home runs you can hit.  Decide on how far away you want your home run fence to be (make it closer to hit more home runs or further away for more of a challenge).  You can either pitch to yourself by tossing the paper ball up in the air or have someone else gently lob the paper ball to you.  How many home runs can you hit???  Click on the picture below to see how I tried playing this game.  






Thursday, April 30th Challenge:


               The video today is more of a little lesson I filmed to help review some of the pointers that we worked on in the sport of basketball.  Since I do not have access to a basketball hoop outside where I live, I thought that maybe I could use a video game to help demonstrate some of the skills associated with the sport.  My hope is that if you do have a chance to play outside, you will use some of these tips to help while you are playing.  I have a "paper baseball" home run derby challenge for you tomorrow and I look forward to seeing who gives it a try!  Click on the video below if you want to see a review of some basketball pointers on NBA2K!






Wednesday, April 29th Challenge:


               Today’s GoNoodle is going to have you jumping (taking off on two feet and landing on two feet), ducking (lowering your body into a low-level position), and dodging (moving quickly to the side).  Try to move along with Fabio the Moose as he is trying to deliver meatballs to his GrandMoose, Filomena!  Click on the picture below to give it a try! 







Tuesday, April 28th Challenge:


               Have you ever tried to make a trick shot?  This is something that you can all do – even if you don’t have a basketball hoop.  I tried doing this with a bowl and a pair of rolled up socks.  All you really need is a target and something to try and throw.  Click on the picture below to see my explanation of a trick shot and my attempts to make one!  






Monday, April 27th Challenge:


               Today’s challenge is working on a skill that is associated with the sport of volleyball - the bump pass.  All you need to try this skill is a plastic bag with some air trapped inside of it and tied up.  A balloon would also work to perform this challenge if you happen to have one at home.  You can practice this skill for fun, challenge yourself to achieve a set score, or try to keep the bag up by hitting it back and forth with someone else.  My hope is that this will get you up and moving around – while also having some fun!  Click on the video below and I will show you how I tried this skill.  







Friday, April 24th Challenge:


               We made it to Friday!  I am hoping that you all had a great week and found several ways to stay active!  Choose to do either this Sonic the Hedgehog GoNoodle or any of the videos that were posted earlier this week (if you haven’t already done them).  I hope that everyone enjoys their weekend and I look forward to posting some new challenges for next week!  Click on the picture below if you want to try this Sonic the Hedgehog fitness challenge!  







Thursday, April 23rd Challenge:


               The NFL draft is tonight – which is when college football players are selected to join a professional team.  In honor of the draft, I thought we could try and make paper footballs and see if anyone can make a field goal.  A field goal in football is scored when the ball is kicked over the crossbar and between the uprights.  This is not easy to do in an NFL game – and not easy to do at home either.  I missed on many of my attempts.  Click on the picture below and I will show you how I made a paper football.  You may need to ask an adult to help you make the football if it’s tricky.  Have fun! 







Wednesday, April 22nd Challenge:


               So this is a tough challenge today – one that I did practice a little bit for.  Please don’t be discouraged if you think this is too difficult!  I am proud of you for trying it and giving your best effort.  This challenge is all about using your hands as paddles and trying to keep a paper ball in the air by hitting it up.  This challenge is going to help improve your hand-eye coordination as well as your reaction time.  Again, it is difficult!  Click on the picture below to see me explain and demonstrate this activity.  






Tuesday, April 21st Challenge:


                I was hoping to find a video that was similar to the virtual jogs we did in Movement class.  This one was even cooler!  You have to try and grab 37 gumballs as you are jogging.  You are given 1 minute and 43 seconds to complete this challenge.  You have to use a little bit of your imagination as you are watching this video – if a gumball is up high, jump for it, if a gumball is over to the side, reach for it!  If you try your best with this I can assure you that your heart will be beating fast and you will feel stronger than before!  Click on the picture below if you want to give this a try! 







Monday, April 20th Challenge:


               I thought doing a scavenger hunt could help you to be active while staying inside.  You can also try finding some of these outside – just check with an adult first.  You can compete against someone else in your family – or you could try it on your own for fun.  To make it more of a challenge – see how many items you can find in 3 minutes (feel free change the timer to increase/decrease the difficulty).  The objective here is to get you moving around!  Click on the picture below if you want to see how I did it.  Good luck!






Friday, April 17th Challenge:


               Click on the picture below to see a video I made on how to play Paper Golf!  I did this inside but you may want to try playing outside.  See if there are any family members who want to try playing against you after you practice a little.  If you are playing against anyone, please remember to show good sportsmanship.  If they end up beating you in the game, congratulate them and give them a compliment.  Have fun and stay active!







Thursday, April 16th Challenge:


               You will be able to do this video challenge by standing in front of a computer – just make sure that you have some room around you in order to move.  This workout is 9 minutes long (with periods of rest after each exercise).  Take more breaks if you need to.  Doing these exercises should increase your heart rate and give you more energy.  Click on the picture below if you want to give it a try!  






Wednesday, April 15th Challenge:


               Today’s challenge is going to be the game of H-O-R-S-E.  If you have access to a basketball hoop outside at your house, you can use it.  If you are stuck inside like me, you can use a “sock ball” (which was actually shown how to make in yesterdays challenge) and a target such as a bowl, laundry basket, or even an opened drawer.  Find someone who is willing to play against you or just practice taking shots on your own.  So now, if you can, go find someone to play against!  Be sure to check with an adult for permission to play this game in an area where you won’t be able to break anything on any missed shots! 


Here are the rules for H-O-R-S-E:

               The first person can choose to take a shot from anywhere they would like to.  If the first person's shot is missed, the second shooter may attempt any shot. If his/her shot is made, the opponent must try to make it from that same exact spot.  Each time a shooter misses a shot that he/she attempted to duplicate, a letter is "awarded.”  The game continues until one person accumulates 5 letters or H-O-R-S-E.


               I ended up using a sock ball and a laundry basket to play H-O-R-S-E.  Also, if you want to choose a different word to use in the game, do it!  ESPN recently had a H-O-R-S-E challenge with NBA and WNBA players in it.  The semi-finals will be airing on Thursday night on ESPN if you want to watch it. 







Tuesday, April 14th Challenge:


               I hope that all of you enjoyed your Spring Break!  Here is an activity that requires you to toss and catch a pair of socks that are rolled up into a ball.  There are 15 different levels of difficulty.  See how many out of the 15 you can complete.  Click on the picture below to try this challenge.  Good luck and have fun!  






 Friday, April 3rd Challenge:


               Can you complete any 3 of these Mindfulness activities?  Like anything else, this will take practice.  I am confident that you will get the hang of it though!  Completing these activities will help to calm the body and decrease stress levels.  Basically it will help you feel even better than you already do!  Put on some music that you enjoy listening to as well while doing this.  I hope that all of you taking part in these daily challenges enjoys your Spring Break!  Have fun!  To see these Mindfulness activities, click on the image below!







 Thursday, April 2nd Challenge:


               Dancing is a great way to instantly feel better and improve the condition of your heart and lungs.  Give this one a try for today by clicking on the picture below!  







Wednesday, April 1st Challenge:


               Physical Education BINGO!  Can you complete 5 challenges in order to get B-I-N-G-O?  When you complete a challenge, you get that square.  In order to get B-I-N-G-O, you will need to get 5 squares in a row.  This can be done horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.  These are all activities that you will be able to do in your house or backyard.  Stay safe and have fun!  Click on the image below to see it larger! 







Tuesday, March 31th Challenge:


               March Madness Sock Basketball – This challenge requires you to hold yourself up in the push-up starting position.  Using socks that are rolled up and turned into basketballs, how many baskets can you make out of 10 shots?  You choose the level of difficulty.  If you want more of a challenge, select a smaller target, go back further, or use your non-dominant hand to shoot with.  If you want to make it easier, move up closer or choose a larger target.  Click on the picture below to see me demonstrating this challenge! 







Monday, March 30th Challenge:


               Try to spell your name by performing an exercise for each letter of your name.  You can do each exercise for either 10 seconds or perform it 10 times (whichever you prefer).  As an additional challenge, if you have any sight/vocabulary words that were assigned by your teacher, see if you can spell out the challenging words by doing these exercises.  It should help to reinforce the spelling of those difficult words in addition to giving you a great workout!  Click on the video link below to an animation of how to perform each exercise. 






               Here is another option for today – this one is on Mindfulness and I found it to be quite calming.  This video shows 5 techniques (some of which we have tried in Movement class) that can be beneficial and help to set the mind at ease.        







Friday, March 27th Challenge:


               Keeping track of your progress is a great way to stay motivated and see that your hard work leads to results.  I have started to keep track on my progress with performing the plank hold.  Is there something that you could track your progress in for at least a week?  Maybe it could be push-ups, basketball shots you make, or consecutive times you jump rope. Your competition here is going to be yourself!   







Thursday, March 26th Challenge:


               Today is going to be 60 degrees and sunny!  The sun helps our bodies get a boost of vitamin D - which helps in bone development, strengthens our immune system, and even can improve our mood!  So for your challenge today – get outside and get your body moving!  I have 3 activities picked out already that I would like to do – walking, biking, and skateboarding.  Have fun!! 







Wednesday, March 25th Challenge:


               This workout is fun and exhausting!  Give it a try by clicking on the picture below!








Tuesday, March 24th Challenge:


               Here is a 2 minute circuit training workout that you can do with just 2 water bottles at home.  There are 6 exercises that you will perform.  Do each exercise for 20 seconds.  I will call them out as we go.  Click on the picture below to do this workout with me!







Monday, March 23rd Challenge:


               This is a fun activity that I saw posted on youtube.  It definitely gets your heart rate going and gives you some great exercise.  All you need to try this is a book, a plastic bag, and 2 crumpled up pieces of paper.  Here is a picture of me getting some exercise this morning while giving it a try.  Click on the picture below to see a video of a teacher explaining how to do this.      





Quote of the Day:


               “Never believe that you are better than anyone else, but remember that you are just as good as everybody else.”  







               The YMCA is now offering free online classes designed to get people of all ages and abilities exercising.  There are some great options on here - choose whatever challenge you are interested in!  Click on the picture below to take a free online class now!








Friday, March 20th Challenge:





 Breathing Exercise


               After you finish your exercise challenge, see if you can try this breathing exercise designed to calm your mind and body.  See if you can match the pacing that the fish breathes in and out with.  Click on the picture to try this breathing exercise! 







 Thursday, March 19th Challenge:


               How long can you perform the plank hold?  I am going to work out along side you in the video.  See how close you can get to making 1 minute.  Or set a personal record for yourself and go back to try and beat it!  Click on the picture below to try this plank challenge with me!







Wednesday, March 18th Challenge:


               Put on your favorite song and see if you can choose different exercises to do the whole time it is on.  Some examples would be push-ups, squats, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, or squats.  The challenge is to just keep your body moving until the song is over.  If you still have energy at the conclusion of the song, take a break and then try it again with another song.  





Tuesday, March 17th Challenge:  


               Try and perform the dance to the song, "Best Day of My Life."  This did not come easy for me when I tried it.  Click on the picture to give this a try!







Monday, March 16th Challenge:  


               Can you choose any 3 exercises or activities to do that will increase your heart rate and get that fresh, oxygenated blood flowing throughout your body?