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Mrs. Dean

Language Arts



   My goal for your students is simple: to have them reach their true potential academically. For fifth graders it means preparing for secondary education. In many ways, fifth grade is the kindergarten of the rest of their educational careers. In grades K-4 they learned the basics of school. Now they need to take all of this information and learn to become independent individuals, thinkers, and learners. For that, organization is the key. Everything your children need in terms of supplies and assignments done in my classroom will make them the independent, mature person they need to be. The growth you will see in your child during their fifth grade year is like none you will ever experience again.  

   As in fifth grade, in sixth grade we will continue to work on individual strengths and weaknesses--building on the strengths even further while eliminating weaknesses.  For each student this will be different, and each student's needs will be addressed.  When your child walks out these doors will their diploma, they will know exactly what awaits them, and be not only prepared, but excited at what the next four years of their educational life will bring.



  1. Student Responsibilities

Students will come prepared to class with all necessary materials for that day. Students will not be permitted to return to their lockers for books, supplies, or homework. A list of the books needed for each day will be written on the white dry-erase board that is located outside my classroom. The following is a list of supplies that will come with the students every day:


Binder which includes the following:




folders for each subject




filled pencil case



     Grading Policy


     Language Arts


     Tests and Essays = 45%

     Quizzes = 35%

     Homework / Classwork = 20%



        Homework Policy

  1. a. No late work will be accepted

    b. Students will make up missed or incomplete work during recess

    c. Zeros stay zeros

        d. Two consecutive zeros will result in a phone call or email home.



    2.  Spelling and vocabulary tests alternate every week.  Their vocabulary books should be coming home for review each night.



    3.  All students will learn to read and respond to literature. They will incorporate a variety of writing forms, while at the same time learning to consider both audience and purpose.



   4.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns at:


[email protected]

(973) 827-7570 extension 415