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                    HOMEWORK FOR: 

                    September 18th- September 21st





    LA: Short Vowel worksheet 

    MATH: Workbook page 6

                Do #7-10



    LA: Short Vowel worksheet (fill in the word) 

    MATH: Workbook page 7 

                 Do #3, 5, 6, 8,10, 11, and 14 



    LA: Spelling words in alphabetical order

    MATH: None 






***Vocabulary: individuality, unique, feature, personality, clash, winking, suggest, scrunches, mushy, usual, bilingual, mismatched


 Short Vowels a, e, i, o, u


Spelling List Words (short vowels): TEST Sept. 21st (Thurs.) 

  1. crop

  2. clock

  3. frog

  4. plan

  5. crash

  6. class

  7. thing

  8. sticky

  9. gift

  10. dish

  11. skip

  12. swing

  13. shut

  14. lunch

  15. pumpkin

  16. plum

  17. smell

  18. spent



***One of the vocabulary words will be given as the bonus word on the spelling test. If it is spelled correctly, students will earn five extra points. If the word is not spelled correctly, students will not lose any points.







Monday: Gym (wear sneakers) and Spanish 

Tuesday : Art

Wednesday: Spanish and Music 

Thursday: Library 

Friday:  Gym (wear sneakers) 







***Grading Scale--academic grading scale is adopted by the Hamburg Board of Education



***Please check grades online in Oncourse. 

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