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                          HOMEWORK FOR:    


                   November 27th--December 1st





                LA: Scholastic News 

                Spanish: Study worksheets sent home 

                for their next class on Wednesday




                 LA: None 

                 MATH: Worksheet pages 49 & 50 (ALL) 

                 Spanish: Study worksheet 




                 LA: Common and Proper Nouns worksheet

                 MATH: Worksheet pages 51 & 52 








                  UPCOMING TESTS/QUIZZES: 

        Spelling Test: November 30th (Thursday) 

        Reading: December 1st (Friday)  

        Math: 12x tables (December 7th...Thursday) 






     ***Vocabulary:   assigned, mosaics, retains, precious, demolition, projects


     THREE LETTER BLENDS: spl, scr, spr, squ, and str  


     Spelling List Words (long vowel )): TEST NOVEMBER 30th (THURSDAY) 




        1. splash

        2. split

        3. splat

        4. splurge

        5. strange 

        6. strip 

        7. strap 

        8. straddle 

        9. scratch

       10. screen

       11. scrap 

       12. scrawl 

       13. squeeze

       14. squeak 

       15. squeal 

       16. squirrel 

       17. sprain

       18. sprint 




    ***One of the vocabulary words will be given as the bonus word on the spelling test. If it is spelled correctly, students          will earn five extra points. If the word is not spelled correctly, students will not lose any points.







    Monday: Gym (wear sneakers) and Spanish 

    Tuesday : Art

    Wednesday: Spanish and Music 

    Thursday: Library 

    Friday:  Gym (wear sneakers) 







***Grading Scale--academic grading scale is adopted by the Hamburg Board of Education



***Please check grades online in Oncourse. 

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