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                          HOMEWORK FOR:  

                            (June 4th-19th) 


                           NO HOMEWORK 
                              FOR THE 
                           REST OF THE 



























                 UPCOMING TESTS/QUIZZES: 

                 Spelling Test: 




                 Math: EVERY THURSDAY students will 

                  have a division quiz on any 

                  facts taught from 0-12.  



           *** Vocabulary: agriculture, reap, nutrition, tilling,

                        stalk, dairy, tingly, scarlet, grove, curds


                 Spelling List Words..  


                  1. singer

                  2. teacher 

                  3. fighter

                  4. farmer

                  5. speaker

                  6. container

                  7. loudly

                  8. closely

                  9. quickly

                 10. friendly

                 11. truly

                 12. steadily

                 13. joyful 

                 14. powerful 

                 15. careful

                 16. wonderful 

                 17. watchful 

                 18. delightful 








    ***One of the vocabulary words will be given as the bonus word on the spelling test. If it is spelled correctly, students will earn five extra points. If the word is not spelled correctly, students will not lose any points.




  -                                    Specials


    Monday: Gym (wear sneakers) and Spanish 

    Tuesday : Art

    Wednesday: Spanish and Music 

    Thursday: Library 

    Friday:  Gym (wear sneakers) 



***Grading Scale--academic grading scale is adopted by the Hamburg Board of Education



***Please check grades online in Oncourse. 

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