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Our Math curriculum, EnVisionMath 2.0 is problem-centered and uses an inquiry-based instructional model.  It is based on NJ Common Core Standards. Students will be investigating mathematical concepts individually and in groups in order to problem solve on their own, with minimal teacher assistance. Technology is incorporated throughout the curriculum across all three grade levels. Homework stresses practice with skills and problem solving. Assessment is done through tests/quizzes, Unit tests, participation, homework, and notebook checks, which is considered class work.


Hamburg School will be providing students with Texas Instrument (TI) 73 calculators and Chrombooks for use in the classroom only. The Math classroom has an Interwrite® board to supplement and enhance the curriculum. Students will have a paperback text book which can be kept in an organized notebook. Google Classroom will also be used.


The 6th grade curriculum covers numbers, fractions, decimals, percents, ratios and proportion, geometry and measurement, probability, and basic statistics.


The 7th grade curriculum covers introductory algebra, similarity, ratios, proportion, percent, positive and negative integers, linear relationships, measurement, and geometry.


The 8th grade curriculum covers linear and non-linear functions, the Pythagorean Theorem, exponential relationships, quadratic patterns, symmetry, symbolic expressions, linear inequalities, and statistics.


Notebooks are an essential part of this curriculum. Students will be responsible for keeping an organized and up-to-date notebook. Notes, vocabulary words and definitions, in-class work, homework, papers, quizzes, and tests are part of this notebook. They need to be brought to class every day and kept current. 


Homework is for practice and will be given on a daily basis. This curriculum stresses parental guidance. If a student has difficulty with a problem, it may mean that he/she did not understand a concept. However, the student should try their best to answer. Do not answer for them. Homework must be completed by the next day, unless there is an absence.


Grading is set up as follows:


Class work 15%
Participation 15%

Unit Tests/Tests/Projects 30%


Extra help will be available during WIN. If necessary, I will provide after school extra help also. Please contact me as soon as possible through the school, 973.827.7570 x 404, if any problems are noticed. You may also leave a voicemail on my cell phone, 973.570.6644 or email at



Supply List for 2018-2019 School Year

 ****All Students MUST have ear-buds or headphones for use with their Chromebooks****

  • 2" - 3" 3 ringed binder. Make sure that it is sturdy enough for many papers!
  • Reinforced, college-ruled lined notebook paper for 3-ringed binder. Please buy enough to last the year. 
  • 5 dividers for binder
  • 2 highlighters, each a different color
  • Plenty of pencils, enough for the whole school year
  • Red pen (or two) for correcting papers
  • Erasers
  • Graph paper- 1/4 centimeter grid




For the 2019-2020 School Year


The following teachers will be co-teaching with me.


Grade 6- Ms. Windish

Grade 7- Mrs. Williamson

Grade 8- Mrs. Clark


Please find their websites at or use the link at the top of the page. Each teacher has a website that can be accessed.




Grade 7 Homeroom


Important Information:


Soccer Practice and Cross Country Practice have started. 


Pride Assembly: Friday, September 27 @ 1:10 pm