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HOMEWORK 6/14/22

Grades Updated Online 6/13/22

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 During remote learning, all work will be posted on my Google Classroom. Our class code is uwu43vw.









            Students will use the same username and password

            as TCI and HMH (on page found in binder).



Language Arts:   



                            Grammar quiz 5/19 (adjectives, articles)

Social Studies: 







Weeks of May 23-June 3:

Timeless Thomas


Critical Vocabulary - Students should be able to read these words and know the meaning of each.


1. invention

2. brilliant

3. productive

4. original

5. breakthrough

6. dictation

7. valuable

8. radar

9. device

10. technology


 Spelling - Students should be able to spell each word correctly. Test: Friday, June 3


1.  swimming

2. drumming

3. dropping

4. sitting


6. skidding

7. taping

8. saving

9. changing

10. joking

11. admired

12. smiled

13. loved

14. tasted

15. planned

16. scrapped

17. gripped

18. invented




Academic Subjects:

Language Arts

Social Studies


Physical Education - Mr. Douglass

Art - Mrs. Pollison

Music - Mrs. Tarantino

Library - Ms. Sealander

Spanish - Dr. Velazquez



Writing Assignments




Grading Scale
Academic Grading Scale adopted by the Hamburg Board of Education


Instructional Sites  (remote learning platform)   (math and language arts)    (science and social studies)



Student Responsibilities
Bring your assignment book and folder home every day.

Bring your assignment book and folder to class every morning.
Complete and return your homework assignments.
Follow classroom rules.


Contact Information

Email: [email protected]

973-827-7570 ext: 025










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