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HOMEWORK 6/17/21

Grades Updated Online - 6/13/21

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 Have a fun summer vacation! 


 During remote learning, all work will be posted on my Google Classroom. Our class code is k426oa3.






Math: no HW




Language Arts:  no HW


                            Grammar quiz 5/19 (adjectives, articles)

                            Writing test 5/20

                            Reading test 5/21

Social Studies: 








Weeks of : 

Suki's Kimono


Vocabulary - Students should be able to read these words and know the meaning of each.


1. cotton

2. handkerchief

3. rhythm

4. snug

5. festival

6. paces

7. graceful

8. pale



Spelling - Students should be able to spell each word correctly. Test: Friday, May 21


1.  duo

2. patio

3.  studio

4.  radio

5.  trio

6.  audio

7.  violin

8.  pioneer

9. recreation

10. cereal

11. create

12. idea

13. radiate

14. piano

15. stadium

16. medium

17. Creole

18. video

19.  audience

20. rodeo


Amazing Words  


1.   traditional

2.   fret

3.   scarves

4.   fabric

5.   acceptable

6.   inspire

7.   robe

8.   drape

9.   elegant

10.  stylish


Amazing Words are not tested, but I will use one of them as a bonus word on the spelling test. 




(provided on Back-to-School Night)


Academic Subjects:

Language Arts

Social Studies


Physical Education - Tuesday, Period 1 (All year)

Computers - Mondays and Fridays 

STEAM - Incorporated throughout our schedule

Art - Thursday and Friday, Period 1 (MP1+4)

Music - Thursday and Friday, Period 1 (MP2+3)

Library - Monday, Period 5; Wednesday, Period 4 (MP1+4)

Spanish - Monday, Period 5, Wednesday, Period 4 (MP2+3)



Writing Assignments




Grading Scale
Academic Grading Scale adopted by the Hamburg Board of Education


Instructional Sites  (remote learning platform)   (math and language arts)    (science and social studies)



Student Responsibilities
Bring your assignment book and folder home every day.

Bring your assignment book and folder to class every morning.
Complete and return your homework assignments.
Follow classroom rules.


Contact Information


973-827-7570 ext: 421










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