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HOMEWORK - 5/20/19

Grades Updated Online - 5/21/19

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Language Arts:  Spelling ws

                           Tests 5/23 and 5/24



Math: Complete the practice test

         Test Wednesday



Handwriting: Cursive G



Social Studies: 










Character Education

My second graders will have character education lessons with Mrs. Braccioforte for twenty-two weeks this year. Mrs. Braccioforte will visit our classroom on Wedneday afternoons after lunch. Please visit her webpage often to see the important topics that she is covering with the children. Often, many of the strategies that are taught can be helpful to children in everyday situations.  





Pearson Online: You can access our texts online: for science, reading, and math provides extra science support






Week of May 13-24: Soil



Vocabulary - Students should be able to read these words and know the meaning of each.




1.  texture

2.  substances

3.  seeps

4.  particles

6.  materials

7.  grains



Spelling - Students should be able to spell each word correctly.


1.   around

2.   out

3.   sound

4.   toy

5.   royal

6.   gown

7.   howl

8.   cow

9.   flower

10.  noise

11.  coil

12.  moist


Amazing Words  


1.   discovery

2.   transform

3.   underneath

4.   blizzard

5.   fine

6.   incredible

7.   landscape

8.   molten






Academic Subjects:

Social Studies


Physical Education - Tuesday and Thursday, Period 1

Computers - Thursday, Period 4

STEAM - Friday, Period 9

French - Monday and Friday, Period 1
Art - Wednesday, Period 1
Library - Thursday,Period 9

Music - Wednesday, Period 9




Writing Assignments


Grading Scale
Academic Grading Scale adopted by the Hamburg Board of Education


Student Responsibilities
Bring your assignment book and folder home every day.

Bring your assignment book and folder to class every morning.
Complete and return your homework assignments.
Follow classroom rules.


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