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I am enjoying working with your child this year. This page is designed so I can briefly tell you what your child will be learning this marking period and some of my expections.  As always, if you have any questions, please contact me.



Phonics/Spelling - Three letter blends, Digraphs, Hard and soft G/C,  Long A patterns, Long I patterns, Long O patterns, Long e patterns

       Spelling test (15 words) every Friday

High Frequency Words - 10 review words weekly

Vocabulary - 8 new words every week that correlates with weekly story

        Skills - Prefixes (re, un, dis), Suffixes (ly, ful, less), Multiple Meaning Words, Similes, Compound Words, Synonyms

Comprehension - Weekly focus story

       Skills - Problem and Solution (fiction), Main topic and Key details (nonfiction), Author's Purpose, Sequence, 

Writing - Informative (nonfiction)



2-digit addition

2-digit subtraction

3-digit addition and subtraction

Weekly - basic Math addition and subtraction fact practice



Habitats and Biodiversity


Social Studies


December Holiday Celebrations Around the World

Martin Luther King Jr.