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Welcome to Kindergarten!

Resources to practice at home during school closures due to COVID-19.




Welcome to my Kindergarten web page.  This page offers some general information regarding my class.


I have been teaching for a little over 10 years with experience in Kindergarten and 1st grade.  I also completed my student teaching studies in a Pre-K classroom.  I love that I have experience with each of these grade levels because it has given me a true sense of where the kids are starting and how far they need to go.  I believe that each child in a my classroom learns and grows differently and I strive to reach each of my students.  I believe in building meaningful relationships with my students by getting to know them and showing them how much they truly matter to me.  


Kindergarten focuses largely on foundational reading and math skills.  This is the building block for the students future in education.  We focus on letters and sounds, reading and writing words and sentences, and we begin to build reading fluency and comprehension skills.  In Math we focus largely on number sense.  We learn to identify numbers 0-20 (and even bigger than that), counting objects, counting orally to 100, addition, and subtraction.  We also learn about shapes, money, measurement and data, and more.  


Rigor is a big push in education even at the Kindergarten level.  It is my goal each day to find balance between rigor and developmentally appropriate practices for teaching and learning.


Mainly my goal is to help each child in my classroom learn and grow in some kind of way.  :) 





Our Kindergarten Wish List


*Plastic spoons and/or forks for mornnig snack and special treats throughout the year.

*Crayola Washable Tempera or Regular Paints- orange, white
*Bingo Daubers (can be found at some Walmarts and Dollar Trees)
*Googly Eyes
*Small Paper Plates
*Snacks - Pretzels, Cheez-Its, Gold Fish, popcorn, juice boxes or Capri Suns

 *Pre-Wrapped Candy or Small Treasure Chest Items (stickers, decorative erasers, McDonald's Toys)

*ink pads for letter and number stamping.