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         If you can dream it, you can do it.   

                                                  Walt Disney 




This year I am teaching 5th grade Math and Science, as well as PE. The DOJO app is utilized to better communicate with you. My expectations also apply to all of my classes. The expectations are as follows:



Be Determined

Active Learners

Respectful, and

Kind to Others




Teche Elementary School

Physical Education Discipline Plan


Students earn 10 points per day for participation in P.E. activities and life skills lessons. Students who are non-compliant or uncooperative during directions, instruction, or play, are issued a warning, which results in a 5-point loss for that session. The remaining 5 points will be left to the student(s) depending on their improvement and cooperation from the moment the warning or redirection was issued. If the non-compliance continues, the remaining 5 points will be also deducted, resulting in a 0/10 score for the day. Students who score a 0/10, will serve a recess detention with the coaches, for a brief remedial discussion to prevent further lack of cooperation and/or misbehavior.


Classes who are collectively cooperative, on time, responding to directions, etc. are given a Gold Check (PBIS) at the end of each P.E. session. These checks accumulate throughout the course of the semester/quarter. At the end of the semester/quarter, the class with the most Gold Checks from each grade level will earn a Pizza Party, provided by the school’s PBIS committee.


Students who do not participate in P.E. must have a note from a parent or doctor. A note from either will suffice and will not result in the loss of participation points for that day, whereas the absence of a written excuse will result in a loss of points for lack of participation. If a student brings an excuse note from a parent for more than three (3) consecutive days, a call will be placed to parents informing them that a doctor’s note is now required to avoid the loss of participation grades in P.E.





My Conference times are as follows:

Monday thru Thursday: 2:30-3:00




August 14th, 2019



Grading Periods:

1st 9 weeks: Aug.14th-Oct.14th

2nd 9 weeks: Oct.15th-Dec.20th

3rd 9 weeks: Jan.6th-March 11th

4th 9 weeks: March 12th-May 22nd



Parent/Teacher Conferences (No School)

October 18, 2019

March 20, 2020



Special Holidays (No School): 

Labor Day: Sept. 2nd

Thanksgiving: Nov. 25th-Nov.29th

Christmas: Dec. 23rd-Jan. 3rd

MLK Day: Jan. 20th

Mardi Gras: February 24th-26th

Easter: April 10th-April 17th

EARLY Dismissal for Crawfish Festival: May 1st @ 2:00




May 22, 2020