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Classroom Procedures & Expectations

Upon entering the classroom students will be expected to complete their morning routine. This includes:
-Choosing their lunch

-Signing in/out
-Turning in notes from home
-Turning in any homework

-Checking their daily number
-Choosing new A.R.C. books

During our school day students will abide by these "laws."
-Keep all hands and feet to yourself.
-Use tools the way they are suppose to be used.
-Use inside voices and feet.
-Be kind, helpful, and respectful.

The "laws" above were written by, and agreed upon by the students of room 624!

Other student expectations include:
-Completing and returning all homework in a timely manner
-Coming fully prepared for class
-Paying attention and following all classroom "laws"
-Participate and TRY YOUR BEST!!!!