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Welcome Back to School!!!!

My name is Chad I. Hayes.  This is my 5th year here at Neville Jr. High!!   I am originally from Farmerville, La.  I graduated high school from Ouachita Christian High School in Monroe, La.  I graduated from La. Tech in 2004 with a Bachelor's Degree in Educational Services and in 2007 with a Bachelor's Degree in Health and Exercise Science.  I have been teaching/coaching now, my 14th year and I am very excited to start this new year 2021.  


School Remind Code for 8th Graders: @njh2026

School Remind Code for 7th Graders: @njh2027


Remind Code for PE: @chayes11

Class Code:  can be found here or below:




Week at a Glance:

4/19-4/22: Basketball

4/25-4/26: Testing

5/2-5/6: Outside activities

5/9-5/13: Outside activities

5/16-5/20: Health (Finals)

5/23-5/27: Last week of school (Finals)



Classroom Expectations

1.  Always wear a mask when entering the gym

2.  We will sit 6ft apart for roll call everyday, no exceptions.

3.  Get to class before the tardy bell

4.  Dress out and Participate EVERYDAY!  No exceptions unless a Dr. note is provided 

5.  Get in your spots after dressing out for Roll

Keep the locker room and bathroom clean like its your own house


What you need!!

1.  Lock - this allows your kid to keep up with their PE uniform.  It is not mandatory, but highly recommended so your PE uniform doesn't get lost or stolen.

2.  PE uniform - $20.00 mandatory 

3.  Deodorant + Antiperspirant (Don’t just buy deodorant it has to say antiperspirant as well).

4.  Baby Wipes/Lysol Wipes

5.  Pencil/pen

6.  Small notebook 



20 points a day: 10 for participation and 10 for dressing out

There should be no reason why anyone should have a B in Health and PE


Grading Scale:

100-93 A

92-85 B

84-75 C

74-67 D

66-0 F


If you do not dress out for PE, after your 3rd non dress, you will go to Mr. Pierce and your parents will be called.  Also, If you aren't dressed out for PE you will either walk or copy notes from a Health book.


Health and PE is a time for your kids to relax and have some fun and let out some stress from other classes.  I expect all kids to have a great time and enjoy what is going on in class.  Lets have a great 2021-2022 year.  If your kids need anything, or parents, please do not hesitate to ask.





5th Lunch Duty



8th Planning Period


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323-1143 ext: 2146