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Welcome to my 2017-18 class website!  



Parents, you will find a lot of information by clicking the tabs on the right. Check back periodically due to changes that I will make to alert you of up coming events along with the information provided in the weekly communication envelope.

Please check your child's communication envelope every Monday, sign it and then return. There is a lot of 'stuff' coming home with them. 


The 2017-2018 Elementary Meal Prices will be:


Breakfast ...........$ 0 (free)    Lunch..........$0 (free)  

Extra milk..........$0.40

You must not have any balance for your child to receive a full lunch. If there is a balance your child will receive a cheese sandwich and juice. Please try to keep their account in the positive.


This year's 1st grade supply list:

*1 pencil box     *1 spiral notebook     *1 pack of copy paper

*2 boxes of 24 count crayons   *2 pocket folders      

*1 pack of markers and/or colored pencils    

*1 box of #2 pencils     *1 box of band aids        

*4 black and white composition books    *1 large box of tissues          *3 pack of Elemer's glue sticks     *1 bottle of Elmer's white glue     *4 black Expo markers     *paper plates        *1 big pink eraser     *1 pack of highlighters