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General Procedures

  • We ask that you enter and use the LMC in a quiet respectful manner.
  • No food or drink permitted. This includes gum and candy.
  • Quiet working voices are permitted with respect to others.
  • No running and carrying on at the windows.
  • All bookbags and coats are not permitted beyond the circulation desk area.


  • All students should come with a pass from their teacher during regular class times unless they are coming with their classroom teacher. 
  • It is highly suggested that teachers call if they are planning on sending more than 2 students to get books or to use computers, they may not always be available because of classes.
  • All students must sign-in the library log book if going beyond the circulation desk.
  • It is not necessary to sign-in when just dropping off books.


Check-Out Procedures 

  • Students may take out a total of 2 books for 2 weeks. Individual class projects may allow more than 2 weeks.
  • We do not charge overdue fees, however we feel the students should be responsible to bring their books back on time.
  • If the students has an overdue book or an outstanding fine - they will be blocked from checking out additional books, until the book due is returned or the lost book fine is paid. 
  • We make ever effort to allow students to borrow books and hope they will learn to be become responsible library patrons.