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      Welcome aboard the most adventurous ship and it will make many stops but you'll be given a guided tour.  Hello to all and I hope that each of you had a wonderful summer!!  I'm truly looking forward to re-establishing and establishing rapport with each of my students.  Being able to communicate effectively can and will affect one's overall academic and social experiences.  As a speech pathologist, I hope that I will be able to help each one of my students to increase in their area(s) of deficiencies.  I've been an educator for the past thirty-two years (five as a resource room teacher and twenty-seven as a speech pathologist).  I enjoy interacting and getting to know my students!  We're going to have a BLAST learning fun effective ways to communicate with each other!  2016-17 is going to be a spectacular school year!!  Also, the students will complete a project during therapy sessions over a period of time.  The project will pertain to the students being able to express the way they feel about themselves through the use of pictures.  All needed materials will be provided by the Speech Pathologist.  Once again, welcome to Mrs. Hines' cruise and let's sail away to a better way of communicating!