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      Welcome aboard the most adventurous ship and it will make many stops but you'll be given a guided tour.  Hello to all and I hope that each of you had a wonderful summer!!  I'm truly looking forward to re-establishing and establishing rapport with each of my students.  Being able to communicate effectively can and will affect one's overall academic and social experiences.  As a speech pathologist, I hope that I will be able to help each one of my students to increase in their area(s) of deficiencies.  I've been an educator for the past thirty-five years (five as a resource room teacher and thirty as a speech pathologist).  I enjoy interacting and getting to know my students!  We're going to have a BLAST learning fun effective ways to communicate with each other!  2019-20 is going to be a spectacular school year!!  Also, the students will complete a project during therapy sessions over a period of time.  The project will pertain to the students being able to express the way they feel about themselves through the use of pictures.  All needed materials will be provided by the Speech Pathologist.  Once again, welcome to Mrs. Hines' cruise and let's sail away to a better way of communicating!  



The following are suggestions and resources that can be used with your child that receive speech therapy.  These suggestions/resources are for the areas of articulation and language. Parents please feel free and email me with any questions/concerns. Also, parents please check my homepage calendar weekly because I try do put website links that your child can use to assist them in their deficit area(s) of communication.  I check my email on a regular basis.  I do hope that you all are safe and well!  I truly miss my scholars and hope to see each of you in the very near future!







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Facilitating Speech and Language skills at home








Here are some suggested speech activities to try at home:




1. If your child is working on a specific sound, help him/her to become aware of that sound by pointing out things in the environment that contain the sound.  Some examples include:


-Go on a scavenger hunt.  Find things in or outside of the house that have the child’s speech sound.


-Look through books or magazines for pictures or words that have his/her speech sound.


-When driving, look for things with the child’s sound.


-Play 20 questions. Think of a word or object that has the child’s speech sound. Have the child ask questions to figure out what the object is.


-Play a guessing game.  Give the child clues to try and guess what you are describing. 




2. When your child is successful saying the sound correctly, have him/her practice saying words with that sound.  When the student is able to name words, then practice using those words in sentences.  Some ideas include:


-Spelling Search:  Have the child search his/her spelling list for words that have his/her sound. Say them aloud.


-Create sentences with two or more words that contain your speech sound.




3. When your child is able to say his/her speech sound in words and sentences, have him/her begin to practice reading aloud using the sound correctly.  This can include reading from his/her library book or reading the directions on a homework page.  




4. Encourage your child to use the sound correctly for short periods of time during the day.  Can your child carryover good speech every time he/she says a sibling’s name? a favorite food?  a favorite tv show?




5. Encourage your child to use these sounds in conversational activities.  These could include using correct speech sounds during a meal time or when going over homework.








Games and book ideas to encourage language skills:






Play games, such as:


-Guess What/Guess Who (What an animal is orange with black stripes?)


-Category games (name as many animals as you can)


-I Spy 


-Play "Simon Says".  Start out by giving one step direction, such as "Touch your nose." and then work up to harder ones, such as "Touch your knees and then clap your hands."      






-Ask your child to name or point to pictures on the page


-Have your child describe what is happening on each page.


-Ask various WH questions (who, what, when, where, why, how do you know) about what is happening on the picture page and what may happen next. 


-Sequence or retell the story with a beginning, middle, and end




Have fun conversations about daily activities!  Ask questions that are open ended, such as "Tell me the best part about your day."   






iPad Apps
Many students are able to benefit from the incorporation of iPad technology during select Speech/Language sessions, when used in conjunction with other therapy materials and with the appropriate guidance and interaction. There is an extremely wide variety of apps. Some of the best apps are even free, while others can be rather costly. Listed below are a few traditional and non-traditional apps.

Go Talk NOW (free version): Create customized communication boards. Able to import photos, take photos with iPad camera, add text, add background, add voice, and you can choose between the number of 'buttons'. A 'full' version is also available.
Do you use Go Talk NOW? Here is a great tutorial/manual provided by the developer:
Go Talk Now Manual

Dragon Dictation: (Free) Provides Voice-to-Text with the ability to export notes via email, etc.

QuickVoice: (Free edition) Create voice notes, can be exported via email, etc.

Proloquo To Go: A full-featured augmentative and alternative communication solution for people who have difficulty speaking. Provides text-to-speech.

Pictello: Create talking photo albums and photo books.

Articulation Station: Offers a comprehensive approach to articulation practice. Purchase individual sounds, or purchase the professional edition (with all sounds included).

Toca Boca Apps: Toca Boca develops interesting, fun, and novel apps that are especially useful for language development and social communication.

Grasshopper Apps: A great collection of apps that address a very wide range of skills, such as: vocabulary, concepts, early problem solving, early reading, counting, matching, etc.

Super Duper Apps: A collection of apps based on Super Duper's Fun Decks. The apps are not as interactive as other apps and are more similar to a flashcard-based approach.

Smarty Ears Apps: A developer of a large series of apps, with continual production of new apps, that address various skill areas within Speech/Language.

Mobile Education Tools: An app developer who provides a series of apps designed to increase language skills.

Model Me Going Places 2: Visual teaching tool. Photo slideshows of children modeling appropriate behavior (social stories) in various community locations.

Dusty D. Dawg Has Feelings Too: (Free) Story about a feelings and emotions.

Cookie Doodle (and other Doodle apps): Follow recipes and create cookies. A great app for following directions, taking turns, sequencing, and retelling events.