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                                                            Together Everyone Achieves More

This is a saying that I've heard a lot during my life, and this is a saying I truly believe in....Teamwork is important as well as essential in developing our children's personalities, minds, and well-being. As your child's Science teacher, I have the job to develop, challenge, and nurture their minds everyday so that they can become successful students.

You, as the parents, have the job to nurture and discipline your child to make sure that he/she is studying, doing homework, and properly rested so that they are ready for the school days ahead. The children have the job to come to school, listen, learn, and work hard so that they do well on assignments,tests, quizzes, etc.

If all these pieces work together, then we can have a successful school year. It is going to take ALL OF US to ensure success. If ONE part fails, then WE ALL fail..........

This year is a challenge for all of us but I more than confident that we can navigate through this uncharted territory together and successfully. 

Please feel free to contact me at anytime for parent conferences, progress reports, or just to drop by and say "Hi".  My email address and phone number are located at the top of the page.....Homework assignments are posted on this page as well so that you will know exactly what your child is doing at school. 



Mrs. Kasha McCarty
4th Grade Science Teacher 




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