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Welcome to 2020-2021




Remind: @aitken3

Google Classroom:

7th Grade, 5th period (Lee):  udbp315

7th Grade, 7th period (Lee): hpquzid

8th MLK: k6p6yxv 

8th MLK Remind: @2geefd2






Welcome to Mr Aitken’s class.  I teach at Martin Luther King Jr. Junior High School in the mornings and at Lee Jr High in the afternoons.  My planning period is 3rd period.   My email account is [email protected].  My extension at Lee is #2128.


I have taught in Monroe City Schools for thirteen years.  Before then I worked in Morehouse Parish and Caldwell Parish School systems.  I received my B.A. and M.A. from Louisiana College in Pineville, LA.



Week at a Glance- Click Here.





7:35-8:16: Gifted ELA at MLK

8:20/9:06: Gifted ELA at MLK

9:10/10:02: Planning

10:06/10:51: @Lee

Fifth Period: Study Skills (Lee)

Sixth Period: @Lee

Seventh Period: Study Skills (Lee)

Eighth Period: @Lee


Middle School English


The student will participate in the Accelerated Reader progarm.  Besides strengthening his or her reading, it will also train and re-train proper reading habits.  AR will count for two test grades during the nine weeks.



The class will follow the Louisiana Dept. of Education's Core progarm per class novels. 





First Nine Weeks: Flowers for Algernon




M.L.K. Mission Statement:

We are Wildcats on the PROWL-
Rigorous and relevant 
Opportunities in instruction that 
Will enhance 


Study Skills


The student will receive at least one grade in class per week beyond what is required of him or her from the regular education teachers.