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Extra Credit

Extra credit is a great way for students to boost their grade. An option that I am offering is for students to do current event articles. Students have access to Scholastic News magazines weekly in Social Studies class, but they are not limited to the provided magazine. They can use any article from a published newspaper or magazine both electronic or paper editions. Please make sure to attach the article to the write-up when turning it in. Also, please note that if you do not have access to a printer you can email the write-up and article to me. 



* All articles must be typed.

* All articles must have the standard heading for Social Studies class.

* All articles must include bulleted important information from article and a summary following using   proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation.  


You may use extra credit to improve your grade:

* Add 10 points to any quiz grade

* Replace a missing "0" homework grade = 100 homework grade