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*Suggested Classroom Supplies Needed*


 (At least 24 sharpened to start- Ticonderoga are the best

*a box of colored pencils (8 is fine)

*a small handheld pencil sharpner  that holds shavings

*Pencil case or Plastic pencil box(small) we have desks


* 1- 2 pocket folder of choice


* 1-  Spiral Notebook


* 2- Composition book (Wide rule)



*Post it notes


*Glue sticks



*Earbuds(if you would like your child to have their own in a ziplock with name on it)

*Expo markers (thin ones) and an old sock to erase


*Box of tissues for your child to keep in cubbies when they need them

*Art smock or old t-shirt (item are required by art teacher)


Please note, some of these supplies may need to be replenished mid-year especially pencils





Always Welcomed in the Classroom: 

Box tops, tissues, ziploc bags and paper towels
(these items are required by the Art Tear)