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We are excited to be back and to begin an action packed year! 

It is important to us that Physical Education is a fun and positive experience for all students.  Our activities guide and encourage physical fitness, promote development of motor skills, increase knowledge and skills in sport activities, encourage social interaction and sportsmanship and boost self-esteem.  

We would appreciate your cooperation in helping us provide a healthy and safe environment for your children.



 Here is what you need:


*Clothing – comfortable and fitting.

*Sneakers – with rubber soles, arch support, shoelaces or Velcro to be secured properly (no slip-ons, rubber sole shoes or sneakers with high heels).  *if your child wears special shoes to school, such as boots for inclement weather or dress shoes for a pictures or special activities, have them bring their sneakers to school.

*Students who do not wear sneakers may have to sit out of class, depending on the activity we’re doing

**Other factors to ensure safety

*No gum or candy in gym




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