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Student's Last Day:  June 9th



Dear  Parents,


   Your child's growth in learning is my top priority!  I am so thankful to have the opportunity to work with you and your child.  I will definitely need your help this year by making sure you review your child's homework each night, signing off on the homework sheets and conduct grades daily, and encouraging them to follow all school and classroom rules everyday!  I am a believer in the saying, "It takes a village to raise a child!" With that said, I look forward to working together to ensure the success of your child! If you need to reach me, feel free to contact me (see Contact Info. below).

I am your child's Reading/ELA/Spelling and Social Studies teacher.  

Ms. Tina Prejean is your child's Math and Science teacher.


Misty Castille's Contact Information: 

call (337) 332-1270 (ext. 3112), or through Remind, or via note

call (337) 332-1270 (ext. 3111), or through Remind, or via note



-Upon arrival or shortly after (temperature will be checked daily).

-Breakfast and Lunch will be eaten in homeroom classes.

-Your child's two teachers will move to each other's class in the afternoon in order that homeroom classes stay together to reduce the spread of Covid 19 or other illnesses.

-Hand sanitizer will be provided and classrooms will be cleaned according to the CDC Guidelines daily.



 Classroom Rules:  "Allow Ms. Castille to Teach!"

Be Respectful:

    Follow instructions given!

    Be kind to others.  (Treat others like you want to be treated.)

Be Responsible:

    Complete all assignments (in class and home).

Be Safe:

    Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

    Remain quiet and seated in your desk during instruction.  Sit in chairs correctly.




Colors and Happiness:  

"Be Unique, Let Your Colors Shine!"

"Attitude is the Mind's Paintbrush, it can color any situation!"


SCHOOL THEME:  Mission Possible 




-LearnZillion Guidebooks


-The Writing Revolution


-Word list will be sent home weekly

 Social Studies:

-Louisiana Department of Education 3rd Grade Social Studies Scope & Sequence 








Readworks Link: - This is a good site to help students who struggle with comprehension and finding textual evidence. 



Newsela Link: - This is another site we use often to help us gain deeper knowledge of a particular topic.