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rulesOur Classroom Rules 


1.     Respect

2.     Stay in your seat.

3.     Raise your hand before you talk.

4.     Work quietly.


*Rule #1 is very important in my classroom.  To be respectful is reflected in many behaviors.  Throughout the year I will discuss and model respectful behavior with your children.


*In our classroom, there is a behavior chart that measures our successes each day.  All students that follow the rules stay "Ready to Learn" and earn a stamp or sticker for the day.  Students who forget to follow the rules have their name moved to down the chart as a warning.  Finally, students who make the final jump to the bottom of the chart for not following the rules will not earn their stamp or sticker for the day.


*Students can also move up the chart if they are having a great day and earn an extra sticker from our class sticker box!


By January, students are aware of their expectations and following rules nicely!  This being the case, as of January in the school year:

Yellow=no stamp/sticker

Red=parent contact