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Verbal Pathways


Sometimes it helps children to say aloud the directions for "making" a letter.  This "verbal path" helps them to understand the directional movement that is essential. In addition, it gives the teacher and child a language to talk through the letter and its features.  Here, we suggest language for creating a verbal path to the distinctive features of letters.


Uppercase and Lowercase Letter Formation


A - pull down,pull down,across        a - pull back,around,up, and down


B - pull down,up,around and in,back and around     b - pull down,up,around


C - pull back and around     c - pull back and around


D - pull down,up,around     d - pull back,around,up high, and down


E - pull back,down,across,and across     e - pull across,back and around


F - pull down,across,across     f - pull back,down, and cross


G - pull back,around,across     g - pull back,around,up,down, and curve back


H - pull down,pull down,across     h - pull down long,up,over,and down


I - pull down,across,across     i -  pull down,dot


J - pull down,cruve back,across     j - pull down,curve back, dot


K - pull down,pull in,pull out     k - pull down,pull in, pull out


L - pull down,across     l - pull down


M - pull down,up,in,up and down     m - pull down,up,over,down,up,over and down


N - pull down,up,in and up     n - pull down,up,over and down


O - pull back and around     o - pull back and around


P - pull down,up and around     p - pull down,up and around


Q - pull back and around and cross     q - pull back,around,up and down curve forward


R - pull down,up,around,in and down     r - pull down,up and over


S - pull back,in,around,down, and back     s - pull back,in,around and back


T - pull down,across     t - pull down and cross


U - pull down,over,up and down     u - pull down,over,up and down


V - down,up     v - down,up


W - down,up,down,up     w - down,up,down,up


X - down,down     x-  down,down


Y - pull in,pull in and down     y - pull in and down


Z - across,pull in, across     z - across,in,across