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         It all began 29 years ago. After having taught for a semester at DC Reeves Elementary School in Ponchatoula, I was sent for an interview the week after I was married. My dad gave me directions that went something like this, "You hang a left at the Y right after you pass Mr. T.J.'s house in Killian. After a ways, you will go over a steel bridge which is Clio. Keep driving until you think you are really lost and then all of a sudden what looks like a red tiled roof mansion will pop up out of nowhere on the right. That's Maurepas School." Daddy was exactly right, and here I am still making the 60 miles round trip everyday to teach at what is my second home.

      I guess I was always meant to bleed green and white being a proud Green Wave 1982 graduate of Ponchatoula High School and now as a Maurepas Proud Wolf. In 1984, I was fortunate to live in Hawaii for 6 months and attend the University of Hawaii at Manoa for a semester, then returned to the swamps to earn a Bachelor of Arts  Degree in Journalism in 1988 from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge.  I received my alternate teaching certification from Southeastern Louisiana University in Hammond in 1992, and returned to SLU, where at the ripe of age of 50, I earned my Master's  Degree of Educational Leadership.