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Thank you for visiting . Here you will find answers to some questions that you may have as well as a means of contacting me for further information.



Google Classroom & Remind Codes 

Class Period
Subject Google Classroom Code Remind Code
3rd Period Baseball/Soccer 3pjay3g @99c84h
4th Period Freshman Football 3pjay3g @99c84h
5th Period Junior Varsity Football 3pjay3g @99c84h
7th Period Varsity Football 3pjay3g @99c84h


Google classroom Name: Neville S&C

Remind Name: Strength & Conditioning


Week at a Glance: 

Workouts will be posted daily on google classroom. In addition to google classroom you can download the app for the platform that we use In order to recieve your workouts you will need to contact Coach Herndon for an invite code. Should the status of training change to an at home status workout instructions will adjust accordingly.



Office Hours




Contact Information

To reach me, email me at [email protected], I will respond as quickly as possible. Should you need to make an appointment, feel free to do so by contacting the guidance office at 318-323-2237 or at 323-2237 ext. 1252.



Daily Schedule (subject to change due to school schedule/early release)


1. Weight Room Prep
2. Duty
3. Spring Sports Strength/Conditioning
4. Freshman Football Strength/Conditioning
5. JV Football Strength/Conditioning
6. Planning
7. Varsity Football Strength/Conditioning



All students will abide by the student handbook rules in accordance with Neville High School and the Monroe City School Board. In addition to these rules students will adhere to the rules stated in the weightroom.