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Hello parents and students! During this time of remote instruction, I will be using several online resources to deliver materials and instruction. I am providing links below to access the various outlets you will need. Please know that the assignments are designed to continue the effort of preparation for, not just this course, but future courses in which I want you to succeed. I am available to help in every way that I can during this time. This is new for all of us, and I would like you to know that I hope to see "my kids" again very soon!!


I will hold "office hours" on Zoom from 9:00 AM until 11:00 AM each day. Please follow this link to access me through Zoom:

You may also call and leave me a Voicemail at the following number: 225-271-3256 or email me at


GEOMETRY: We will meet on Zoom each Monday at 10:30 for instruction in addition to my office hours

Oncourse Assignments

Clever (Springboard)

Schoology (code: CRM4-MGQ2-NDP3P)

TRIG DE: We will meet every Tuesday and Thursday at NOON for instruction


CALCULUS AP: We will meet each Friday at 1:00 for discussion and review time

AP Classroom

Schoology (code:GWRN-FCFD-PGM6G)