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UPDATED  18 May 2020 Monday


   Covid Packet 4 (Final Assessment)


   Packet 3 includes 8 items - If you don't get the packet from the WFHS office, then you need to print all 8 items.

   Spiral 1      Spiral 1 Quiz     Spiral 2     Spiral 2 Quiz   


   key Packet 3 (Spirals only)


   Spiral 3      Spiral 3 Quiz     Spiral 4     Spiral 4 Quiz


   Timeline Packet 3 & 4(Final Assessment)


   Youtube video links

  Spiral 1 video link      Spiral 2 video link   Spiral 3 video link


  Spiral 4 video link





  Packet 2 includes 3 items

  Quadratic Functions Unit 5           Linear Equations Unit 2 Review   


   Systems of Equation Unit 3 Review      Packet 2 key (all)



  Timeline Packet 2  - not necessary to print



 Youtube video links Packet 2

   pg 11-12 Graph equations of lines and evaluate functions


   pg 8-9 Parallel  & Perpendicular 


   pg 14, 17 (top) Graph linear ineq, solve sys of eq


   pg 17 (bottom) Solve sys, function, domain, range



Packet 1



You probably will want to print the following, but you can work it on lined paper.


(show work when necessary)==> Practice Acts 19, 20, 24 - 27     

 EOC Practice       Acts 26 & 27 Preskill  



I will be monitoring my email and Remind every day or so.  Feel free to ask questions about all work.  I will always respond.  I want you to learn what you can.

Remember "The best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time."  This information is to cover 4 weeks.  If you try to get it done in a few days then you will go crazy.  Take it slow and a little bit at a time.

The timeline for the next two weeks is linked above.  I will be attaching the keys for all work in the days ahead.  Use keys wisely.  Working, then checking and correcting is the best!!! Copying and learning is OK.  Copying blindly is NOT OK.  If you don't understand ... ask!

  KEYS to Distance learning

  EOC Review 1     Martian Puzzle     EOC Review 2     Who Thought He...(left side)   


  Who Thought He ... (right side)     EOC Review 4 pg 1      EOC Review 4 pg 2


  SB Act 24 p 367 #1-16       SB Act 24 p 367 #17-30     Act 25 SB p 381 #2-16


   Act 25 SB P 381 #17 - 28     EOC Review 5      Timeline Preskill   


  Acts 26 & 27 Preskills     Act 26 SB p 391 #1-6, 17-22   


  Act 27 SB p 401 #1-6, 11-12         Act 27 SB p 401 #17-26






  Act 26 & 27 Teaches the skill it takes to solve real-world problems when items are launched, thrown, or dropped.  Think of all of the answers from Act 25 #2-28 being the problem and you have to figure out where they came from.  For instance p 281 #4 problem x2 - 4x - 45 came from (x+5)(x-9).  Being able to make factor pair charts like the ones on the timeline is very important for Acts 26 & 27.


  cover letter ==> School Closure Cover Letter


  link for notes ==> Notes Acts 24 - 27


  Links for videos by Activity  SB Algebra 1 Khan Correlations



 Find links to videos for EOC Review pages ==>  CLICK HERE





 REMIND   Text @h3ff6e to phone number 81010

Each is a link, click on what you need

Martian puzzle top       




Block 1 U2 Test ===> CLICK HERE        Block 2 U2 Test ===> CLICK HERE


Act 8 Parent Guide Snips (copy and paste to your document) ==> CLICK HERE




Block 1 Quiz Act 2 link ==> CLICK HERE


Block 2 Quiz Act 2 link ==> CLICK HERE

After EOC Snip Assignment ==> CLICK HERE (link disabled til later)


EOC Review Flashcards 1 - 50 and 8 Example cards ==> CLICK HERE (link disabled also)



Find links to videos for EOC Review pages ==>  CLICK HERE



Khan Academy   login with email address and network password


SB Algebra 1 Khan Correlations


Welcome to Algebra I & Math Essentials


Show Me Videos Algebra I ==> CLICK HERE     When a student is absent they can catch up on the material by watching a video of the lesson.  From here choose Show Me Video Links Algebra I, this downloads the page listing all of the lessons on video.   Click on the download at the bottom of your screen.  Use the following to decide which video your student needs to watch.  Students should have the corresponding Springboard pages from the textbook.  Students should work with the video in order to learn the material.  These videos can also serve as a review for students who need to see the work again.       


 Copy of Punishwork



REMIND   Text @h3ff6e to phone number 81010





Grades will be posted on Powerschool and will be awarded from the following:


1)    Major Assessments (40%) – Major assessments include tests and quizzes. Study guides are always given in order to prepare for major assessments.


2)    Accuracy (35%) – Project grades, group grades, notebook checks, EOC notecards are put in this category


3)    Classwork/Participation (10%) – Daily assignments and study guide grades are put in this category.  Please be warned that points are awarded for work shown.  Answers for these assignments are provided in order for students to work, check, and correct everything.


4)    Final Exam (15%) –The Algebra I Leap 2025 (End of Course) covers units 1 – 6.




**Powerschool will average your grade using the above percentages. **




  • Notes – Students are given notes in 3 forms: 1) handouts that students complete during class, 2) written in Springboard Alg I Textbook, and 3) written on lined paper from the Smartboard.




Homework Math is a course of instruction that is dependent on prior knowledge and accentuated by practice and application until mastery is obtained. Due to this unique venue, it is inherent that ample practice be obtained by all students. Assignments are given to provide opportunities to build thought processes and skills. Homework assignments are given at the end of each day in class and sent out on REMIND.


Work all problems neatly.  Highlight any problems for which you have questions and be ready to address these in class. Students are always provided answers to assignments.  Don't wait until the night before a quiz or test to cram in study time; this should be accomplished on a continual, on-going basis. Establish a good routine and quiet place in order to study and complete your home assignments.




When absentStudents should ask for materials upon returning from any amount of absences. Keys for notes as well as student copies are always available.  Student uses the key to fill out student copy and then returns key to teacher.  If absent just 1 day then student should be fine.  If a student is absent for more than 1 day then videos for all lessons are available online.  A link is available on my website.  Student will need the activity number to watch the correct one. Students should have the corresponding Springboard pages from the textbook.  Students should work with the video in order to learn the material. These videos can also serve as a review for students who need to see the work again.




ZAP (zeros aren’t permitted) is assigned when students miss an assessment. If student is absent on review day, then ZAP is assigned the day after the test day.  If student is absent on the day of the test, then ZAP is assigned the next day.  If student has an extended absence, then I will work with the student in assigning ZAP.




Teacher's daily schedule:


      Block 1      Algebra I                                   7:28 -   9:02


      Block 2      Algebra I                                   9:06 - 10:40


      Block 3      Math Essentials                       10:44 - 12:19


      Block 4      Preparation                              12:53 -  2:27



FAQ's -

1) What do students do during class?
      Bellringers  (math work at the beginning of class; this serves as valuable review time)
      Textbook activities / notes - The Springboard textbook has 6 units that are covered using 40 activities that teach Algebra through investigations, explorations, and guided learning.  Springboard introduces new material with concrete or real-world situations and then takes these to more abstract learning.

      Quizzes and tests
My goal is for each student to pass the course, the LEAP 2025 Algebra I test, and be prepared for future math classes.

2) Where can I see my student's grades?
     Student grades are available on Powerschool.  A link can be found on the LPPS home page.  Students' login and password information are the same from last year.

3) What should my student be doing at home? 

         A) I highly suggest that students use key words or phrases used in class to watch online tutoring videos at Kahn Academy. Khan Academy is aligned with the Louisiana Student Standards.

         B) Students can watch SHOW ME videos.  Directions and link are given above.

         C) Reviews for major assessments will be given/worked the day before the assessment.

Contact information - e-mail address   or school phone number 664-0243


All Algebra I students will take the LEAP 2025 Algebra I test in May.  This is an online cumulative test written by the Louisiana State Department of Education.  This assessment is timed except for those with accommodations that state otherwise.