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UPDATED 2 December 2019


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Khan Academy   login with email address and network password


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Welcome to Algebra I & Math Essentials


When a student is absent they will need to catch up on the material by watching a video of the lesson.  Follow this link to the lessons from here choose Show Me Video Links Algebra I, this downloads the page listing all of the lessons on video.   Click on the download at the bottom of your screen.  Use the following to decide which video your student needs to watch.  Students should have the corresponding Springboard pages from the textbook.  Students should work with the video in order to learn the material.

These videos can also serve as a review for students who need to see the work again.       


 Copy of Punishwork



REMIND   Text @h3ff6e to phone number 81010


Grade Opportunities


  • Students are required to maintain an organized one-subject notebook or section in binder in which additional model problems and homework assignments will be completed. Any necessary work involved in solving problems must be worked neatly on a separate sheet of paper, either in a math notebook or math section in binder.  


  • Class notes and examples are to be taken/completed during instruction.  If student was absent during class the day notes were covered, the student may obtain a copy of the notes the next day in class. Class notes may be collected for participation and recorded as an Accuracy grade.  Notes will be presented for students to copy or handouts will be given for students to complete.


  • Other in-class assignments (bell work, group activities, worksheets, computer assignments, quizzes) may be collected by teacher and counted as Accuracy or Participation grades.  



FAQ's -

1) What do students do during class?
      Bellringers  (math work at the beginning of class; this serves as valuable review time)
      Textbook activities / notes - The Springboard textbook has 6 units that are covered using 40 activities that teach Algebra through investigations, explorations, and guided learning.  Springboard introduces new material with concrete or real-world situations and then takes these to more abstract learning.

      Quizzes and tests
My goal is for your student to pass the course, the LEAP 2025 Algebra I test, and be prepared for future math classes.

2) Where can I see my student's grades?
     Student grades are available on Powerschool.  A link can be found on the LPPS home page.  Students' login and password information are the same from last year.

3) What should my student be doing at home? 

         A) I highly suggest that students use key words or phrases used in class to watch online tutoring videos at Kahn Academy. Khan Academy is aligned with the Louisiana Student Standards.

         B) Students can watch SHOW ME videos.  Directions and link are given above.

         C) Reviews for major assessments will be given/worked the day before the assessment.

Contact information - e-mail address   or school phone number 664-0243


All Algebra I students will take the LEAP 2025 Algebra I test in December.  This is an online cumulative test written by the Louisiana State Department of Education.  This assessment is timed except for those with accommodations that state otherwise.


Grade weighting percents  Completion/participation   10%

                                           Tests/Quizzes                      40%
                                           Projects/Accuracy              35%
                                           Final Exam/EOC                 15%
Teacher's daily schedule  - 

      Block 1      Algebra I                           7:28 -   9:02

      Block 2      Algebra I                           9:06 - 10:40

      Block 3      Math Essentials              10:44 - 12:19

      Block 4      preparation                     12:53 -   2:27



Homework Math is a course of instruction that is dependent on prior knowledge and accentuated by practice and application until mastery is obtained. Due to this unique venue, it is inherent that ample practice be obtained by all students. Home assignments are given to provide opportunities to build thought processes and skills. Homework assignments are given at the end of each day in class and sent out on REMIND.


Work all problems neatly.  Highlight any problems for which you have questions and be ready to address these in class. Don't wait until the night before a quiz or test to cram in study time; this should be accomplished on a continual, on-going basis. Establish a good routine and quiet place in order to study and complete your home assignments.