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As of May 25th


Please look at your grades before I turn them in.  Please let me know if I missed any work.  You have until tomorrow (Tuesday) at noon it let me know.  If I don't here from you have a great summer and stay safe.  For the first time in 13 years I can say See you next year.




As of May 12th 


1. I have posted all the material you need on google classroom or you can pick it all up at school.  You can take pictures of your work and email it to me or you can turn it in to the school by May 21st. 


2. There are four form quizzes that are still open and will be open until May 21st.  They are polynomials/factoring, quadratics, linear, and systems.  


3. I will post the final tomorrow  Please follow directions.  Please Please answer all the questions.  I can' t give you points for trying if you don't write anything down.  That is due May 21st.  If you get done before then turn it in.  You can turn it in by email or to the school.


4. We did our last zoom of the school year today so if you need anything don't hesitate to email me.  


Have a great day and stay safe.





I send the students emails at least twice a week.  


To log into google classroom

username: "your username for the computer"

password:"the same password to log into computer"



If you have any questions please email me at



Grade breakdown

40% major assessments 

35% assessed for accuracy

10% homework/completion

15% EOC



The homework that is listed with the lesson plans is just a guide.  The students will never have more than that, but sometimes it might be less.  It just depends on what happens in class and how well the students understand the material.


1st block - Algebra 1
2nd block - planning

3rd block - Algebra 1

4th block - Algebra 1




My email address is